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  • Personal Narrative: My Interest In The Field Of American History

    By the age of ten, I had developed a robust enthusiasm for the field of American history. Visits to my grandparents apartment in our hometown of Hempstead, Long Island would often lead me across the the street to the public library. It was there where I developed my bibliophilic nature. This was how I sojourned — it was through the bookshelves of history that I learned about topics ranging from the great Hannibal of Carthage and his legendary achievements in the Second Punic War to memorizing Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address to diving deeply into King’s theory on nonviolence coupled with the SCLC’s strategy to win equal rights for our people. This was my escape from the cacophonous noise that was my world, from all the things I would see or feel and yet could not comprehend. This was my calm during the storm, my peace that was to be still. By the time I had reached High School, much of that pre pubescent fervor had ebbed. I was now a teenager more concerned with two of the things most boys coming of age fancy themselves with: girls and sports,…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hepstead

    What Hempstead is Hempstead is the place I’ve called home for nearly 12 years now. I never imagined myself living in a small town because of its disadvantages. Coming from NYC meant Moving out of my comfort zone was a tricky but important transition I had to make. Although, Where I live is one of the greatest neighborhoods to reside in. Hempstead is a mix of everything all at once. Although, there are problems it’s still meaningful to me. Being that I grew up here. My neighborhood is but it's…

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  • The Importance Of Being Judged By Others

    Noor Al-Maadeed “Being judged by others” this personal piece that I shared, describes a past event happened during high school years. I learned how to overcome this negative experience to positive thing that helped shape my character turn into the confident woman I am today. The process of revising this piece of writing is on of the hardest because it is difficult for me to express my feelings about a place that is filled with negativity. In addition, I want to catch the reader’s attention and…

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  • Why Cheerleading Is A Sport

    Cheerleading should be considered a sport Most people only consider competition cheerleading as a sport, others such as cheerleaders themselves consider any type of cheerleading as a sport, such as school cheer or competition cheer. There are a lot of benefits to why cheerleading is a sport, also to why cheerleading should be considered a sport. Cheerleading can be classified as a sport in many different ways such as, a varsity high school sport, or as a competition sport. Cheerleading requires…

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  • Essay On Gender Neutral Bathrooms

    beaten up and denied access to their school bathrooms based upon the gender printed on the doors. These students are in a constant and devastating battle for equality. After years of verbal harassment and bullying for being transgender, the pain doesn’t stop. Finally being comfortable in their own skin and having the confidence to go out in public as a transgender, these victims are stopped and further harassed for no particular purpose other than the satisfaction of the offender. Public schools…

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  • View Of The Curriculum: Equality, Equality And Equality In Education

    View of the Curriculum American education over the past century has oscillated from focusing on the students to focusing on curriculum. During the Civil Rights Era of the 1960s, for example, there was a tension between excellence in education and equality in education. Some people attempted to provide equal education for all people (focusing on the student), but often sacrificed excellence in education. Other schools were set up promoting excellence in education. However, these schools often…

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  • The Importance Of My Happiest Experience In High School

    began many years ago, when I first started school. Even on my very first day of kindergarten, it was already clear to me that going to school wasn’t going to be something that I enjoyed. I was very shy and withdrawn, and the other kids weren’t at all interested in being friends with me. They never seemed to like me as much as they all liked each other, despite my efforts to try and fit in. The kids in my class didn’t see my quiet nature as shyness, but rather as something strange, which made me…

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  • Analysis Of John Taylor Gatto Against School

    Gatto’s essay, “Against School,” Gatto writes about his perspective on the American public school system that he believes is not as beneficial as it is expected to be. He begins by explaining that teachers and students are bored inside classrooms simply because students are not taught better qualities such as critical thinking or curiosity. Instead, they are “schooled” rather than “educated” so students only learn how to conform. Gatto goes on to describe the goals of school as, “making good…

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  • Narrative Essay: A Personal Experience In High School

    It was the week of my high schools celebrate choir concert, so I knew sure as hell that I had no choice of being late. It was the most important concert of the year and included oodles of choreography and immense songs from movies and video games. While I was driving eagerly to school across Highway 13, I drifted across a big patch of black ice. I slammed on the breaks and the smell of burnt rubber filled the inside of my car. As a result of skidding, I scraped the side of my car leaving a huge…

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  • Charles Murray's Are Too Many People Going To College

    brings up an urgent issue, one not discussed often enough - that a large portion of those lured to college should have never attended. There are three reasons Murray believes that less people should go to college. The first point Murray brings up is that a liberal education can and should be gained in elementary and middle school, rather than college. He thinks that if the education system was altered, less people would need to attend college. He also believes that there are many people going to…

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