My Family

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It was always a mystery to see what would happen next in my family. From traveling coast to coast in the United States, to visiting Europe, and my favorite which was Canada, my family was always up to something whether it be good or bad. Family to me was something that I could never withstand being apart from. I loved my parents, Richard and Barbara, but I was closer to my older sister Misty. Misty and I were closer than any other siblings have ever been in the existence of this earth. Dad and Mom were always in our business, but did not know half the stuff we talked about. Not to be cocky by any means, but my parents had a lot of money and that was one thing I didn 't really like. Most kids would die to be rich and have a “perfect” lifestyle, …show more content…
It 's your big day!” yelled my Mom. A moan came dribbling out of my mouth as if going to school was the same as being put in a death camp. I got ready, but very slowly. I had to be in class at 8:00 or I would be late. Mom said we needed to leave the house by 7:40. Misty was very excited about going to school which she loved. I on the other hand had no business being at school. I still tried hard, hard enough to make A’s at least. “Out the door” Mom yelled. I could hear the garage door raise. Misty pranced out the doorway as if she was perfect and never made any harsh mistakes. I threw my book bag over my shoulder, grabbed my gym bag and ran out as Mom blew the horn. We arrived at school in an orderly fashion. Mom pulled to the front of the school and dropped us off. “Have a great day John and Misty-boo” said Mom, as Misty and I got out of the Lexus and wandered off into the …show more content…
After 10 minutes had elapsed, which felt like an hour, the nurse finally called my name and asked me and my Mom to come back. When the doctor arrived and came into the room, he started by asking my entire family history, where I came from, what school I go to, what my name was, if I had a girlfriend, and I nonchalantly answered all his useless questions. As the doctor examined me, he started acting as if I was an alien of some sort. He asked if I had any rashes anywhere on my body and I showed him a couple spots on my stomach and back. He was readily surprised as he asked me if I had been having any aching pains and symptoms in the past few months and I replied yes. I was nervous as to why he was asking me these questions, but I went with the flow, for I knew he was a gift from God. He also asked how I had been sleeping lately, which I replied by telling him how I had sweated a lot, had lots of headaches, and how I would wake up during midnight sleep. The doctor looked stunned and pale. He said he would be right back in a few minutes to draw some blood from my finger. The doctor returned just as fast as he got away. He had me lay my finger flat on a counter as he pricked the flesh and drew blood right out of my finger. He said he didn 't think it was a virus, but something much worse. I thought I was going to cry and have an emotional break down in the middle of Urgent Care. I could

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