My Family Influenced My Life Essay

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Some of my biggest influences in life come from my family. My family has always been a supportive and stable place to go to in times of need and advice. But before I start talking more about my family I want to give a background on my life and how I grew up. I was born in Los Angeles County of California in a city called Lancaster. This city in very special to my family because this is where we all came together to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving. In a way this city brought our family closer. My mother, father, sister and I lived with my grandparents for about two months after I was born until we move out to start our own traditional family home in Las Vegas, Nevada. This city is also very important to our family because this is where …show more content…
My life growing up in Las Vegas was very fun. We always had something to do and my parents made sure that my siblings and I were in any activity we wanted to give a try. My parents did an amazing job at providing everything that we needed in the moment and also did an amazing job at providing us with the information that we needed for our futures. For this I am very thankful for. Although growing up my parents provided everything that I needed they also always made sure that I had everything that I wanted, as they still do this. This was something that I am very grateful for, but I am even more grateful that they didn’t hand things out to me and made me work for what I wanted. This is how I learned the important life lesson that you have to work for what you want and if you work hard enough you can achieve it. Along with my parents, my grandparents played a big role in my life as well as my sister’s. Every summer, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break up until I was a junior in high school, my sister and I would spend that time at my Grandparents house in California. In a way it was like living in two different households, one with our conjugal/legal family and the other our extended family. Our family has always been really close so this was never a question whether or not we wanted to go because we enjoyed every second of …show more content…
I was really never told the right or wrong way to do things but I was told what way was preferred. I decided to interview my mother to get a better understanding of how she went about things in her life and how that affects her now. My mother grew up in a traditional family with her father, mother and three sisters. Her parents “timing of life” was more traditional when it came to starting a family and decided to get married before they had kids. My mom however was a teen mother and decided to move out after her second child was born. Although her way of doing things was different from her parents she was well supported by surrounding family. I proceeded to ask my mom about how she felt about cohabitation and how her parents felt on it, “Never really had that conversation with them. I think it is important to know the person that you plan on spending the rest of your life with. Every situation is different and it’s based on personalities and situations that you are handed in life. There is not one right way to do things. I feel that as long as both parties are happy and my children are treated right then I’m okay with it. Because I will hunt someone down and hurt them, I’m just saying!” she replied. Economically, my mother grew up in a military family, her parents never made it seem like they needed money. She stated that they lived the average working class life

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