Personal Narrative: The Day I Choose LCC

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The Day I Choose LCC Have you ever thought about what college you would attend and how successful you would be? Well I have, as child I would imagine what college I would attend and would I be able to succeed. I imagined how collage would be, would I attended a large university or a small local community college. Students may even worry about the ACT and SAT and how successful will they be when taking those two extremely important tests. Luckily, I choose a school that didn 't stress me out about those test scores. I choose Lakeland Community College. It was the fall of two-thousand and fifth-teen my senior year in high school! With so many other events on my mind such as my last homecoming, prom and commencement I really didn 't want to think about college, but it was something I had to do. My friends were all talking about college,their dream schools and where they would love to attend school. My friends wanted to attend schools such as Cleveland Institute of Art …show more content…
Professors have showed me how important it is to continue with your college education. They get very excited when you tell them you would like to go farther than Lakeland and transfer to a university or go across the street and attend the Holden University Center to continue your degree. Another positive impact lakeland has made in my life is studying habits. In high school I had good grades and sometimes I studied and sometimes I didn 't. But now I study because I want to do phenomenal and make the dean 's list. Therefore, as a young child I would imagine what college I would attend and would I succeed. Have you ever had these same thoughts? Young adults might worry about how successful they will be in college and are they prepared for this huge task. Luckily, I don 't have to worry about that because I have wonderful professors at Lakeland Community College that will help me along the exciting

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