Personal Narrative: My Journey Through MCSC

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My Journey Through MCSC
I’ve had a very happy journey playing for the Mason City Soccer Club. The MCSC put a huge impact on my life, made me a part of their family and even put me through some emotional times. In this essay I am going to explain my experience with MCSC and how it benefit my life.
MCSC put a significant impact on my life. I joined the Mason City Soccer Club 2 years ago when I was going into the 7th grade. Before joining MCSC I played for park ‘n’ rec, park ‘n’ rec is a great program but all it does is teaches you the basics of soccer and I wanted to learn more. During MCSC I played on 13u for all 4 seasons because of my age, due to my age I was either the youngest on the team and played with older girls or I was the oldest on my team and I played with younger girls. I played with two different sets of girls and they both taught me something new about the game of soccer which was very exciting. These group of girls taught me how to be aggressive and how fun soccer really is. All in all
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My last two seasons I played with the best set of girls, these girls were in the grades 6-8 with my sister and I being the oldest on the team. When I first joined the team I thought since these girls were younger than me they didn’t know as much as me or weren’t as experienced, but oh how I was wrong. Those girls taught me tons of things that I didn’t know about soccer, but the two things that they taught me and that I would never forget is respect and teamwork. On this team my sister and I were seen as the leaders because we were the oldest, it’s hard to be taken seriously or people see you as the oldest if you weren’t respected, but those girls showed my sister and I tons of respect and I was so grateful. With all the respect I formed a greater bond with all the girls which made me see them as another family to me, they made me feel like I belonged. All in all the MCSC made me feel respected and showed me that I have another family to rely

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