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  • The Importance Of Overcoming Reality

    Overcoming Reality Financial aid is a very large problem in modern society with kids who are striving to make it to college for further education. Said simply, college is expensive. This specifically depends on the type of college one chooses to attend. Often times, in state college is more affordable than out of state, because there is something called ‘in state tuition.’ This higher education tends to be very expensive for a plethora of reasons. The first major reason is the fact that college professors are supposedly smarter or have a broader understanding of the study area than do high school teachers. Also, college is where students earn a degree that causes them to also earn a higher-paying job in the future. Statistics show that college graduates are much more likely to get a job. This can be a critical concept in an age when everything revolves around money and unemployment is on the high and still getting more extreme. Another reason college is so expensive is because many colleges make it virtually impossible to achieve a four-year bachelor’s degree in the actual four years. Many colleges require four and a half years, or even five. Those who complete this degree of education often finish after four years of college because they need a certain amount of class requirements, though the reality of packing all of these requirements into four years is unrealistic considering the hustle and bustle of society and more specifically, college students. Unless these young…

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  • Essay About Pursuing A College Degree

    Being able to live a comfortable and successful life are only some of the many reasons why I am pursuing a college degree. The college degree I plan on receiving is a bachelor’s in arts and sciences, majoring in Criminal Justice. It not only improves your quality of life, but also benefits your life in endless ways. There are several people who go to work everyday miserable because they do not have the same passion as they did before. My lifetime goal is to be able to work at job that I am…

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  • Diversity In College

    Diversity on a college campus means different things. One of the things it means in college is that a variety of people and experiences to which college students tend to be exposed to while in college. During your years at a university, you probably came across the term diversity more than you can count. I know that I have heard word diversity a lot in my college life. Diversity does affect the college experience, I think going to a diverse school is a good thing because it helps the college…

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  • Analysis Of Losing My Childhood On The Continent Of Africa By David Sedaris

    At one point in your life I bet you wished you were someone different, or had something someone else possessed. I know I have, I’ve wished I was richer, smarter, had their car, got to live in their house or even had their parents. Was that other person's life really any better? It may look it, but looks can be deceiving. Both David Sedaris and Andrea Roman deliberate on this topic in their stories about their childhood. In "Remembering My Childhood on the Continent of Africa" by Sedaris, he…

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  • Why Is It Important To Persist And Go Back To College

    P1-Anna When asked, what obstacles do you think would hinder you from persisting in obtaining your degree? Participant one, Anna, expressed, “I was on a tight schedule trying to get my grandkids off to school and then run to school myself. In the evenings, I had to get home to prepare their meals, make sure my grandchildren were doing their homework, and then do my homework”. What does it mean to you to persist in your education in spite of the obstacle. Anna, stated, “It is very important…

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  • Ken Burns Public Education Analysis

    In a discussion about the paradigms of public education, Ken Burns addresses the controversial topic of cultural education. Public education is experiencing a time of confusion in helping children develop cultural identity so the new generation can continue to play an important role in globalization. This confusion causes an immediate reaction: continue to do what has been done in the past--instruct children to work hard, do well, and earn a college degree, then they will get a job. Many…

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  • Essay On Intentional Learning

    Some twenty plus years ago my twin sons, in the third grade at the time, were sitting at the kitchen table one evening doing homework. Having a question about his homework, one started to ask me for help when his brother interrupted him and said, “Don’t ask Dad; ask Mom, she is smart; she went to college.” At the time, I did not pay much attention to the comment, and I gladly took the opportunity of not having to help with homework to go back to whatever it was I was doing. Today, I would…

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  • Michael Petrilli's Argument Against Pushing Teens Towards College

    Analysis Argument Against Pushing Teens Towards College From an early age, American children are subliminally pushed harder and harder toward the idea of attending college. Even moreso as they grow older, the thought of schooling after graduation is seemingly pounded into teenage head’s by teachers, guidance counselors, and even society. Many say that this “slight nudge” towards the college career path is good for the teens of today. Others, especially teens themselves, feel that the constant…

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  • The Importance Of Going To College

    From a very young age, students are always told that going to college is the best way to have a secure and successful future. As many students have probably figured out by now, college is not for everyone. Some people are perfectly content with the jobs and the life they have, and they never had to step foot into a college classroom. Honestly, sometimes I think college is not for me. I constantly think about dropping out and looking at careers I can go into that only require some training and…

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  • College Pressures By William Zinsser Summary

    In William Zinsser's article, "College Pressures," he examines the pressures that confronted college students in the late 1970's. Zinsser concentrates on four primary pressures, which are financial, peer, parental and self-induced pressures. Zinsser feels that these students are so much pressurized, but they ought to understand that there is no "right" approach to succeed, and a career does not need to be preplanned. He correctly gives an example where he calls personalities for guest lectures,…

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