Why A College Education Is Important To Me Essay

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You grow up being told you have to go to college. Parents make it seem like without college you will not be able to live the life you want. Most of where that is coming from is fear of their child struggling. My parents never gave me the luxury of an option. I was going to college and that was that. As annoying as they might have been, i am very appreciative that i had them pushing me to become the most successful me. Besides the obvious reason of making my parents proud, college education is important to me for so much for than that. As spontaneous as i am, i need security and stability in my life. College education will also open up a new world of opportunities for me. Graduating college is a big accomplishment that i take as a challenge, and i can not wait to say "I did it". …show more content…
I personally do not feel safe and secure bringing a child into this world, under my responsibility unless I know I can support it. Having a college education will more than likely get me a good paying job. Unfortunately sometimes things do not work out and if I loose my job tomorrow, i would know that with my college degree I have a better chance in getting another job just as good or even better. Stability and security is imporant because no one wants to live their life paycheck to paycheck. My dream is to travel the world and try new things, living comfortably, happily and stress free. Knowing that i have a degree will take a big weight off my shoulders because i know i what i have no matter what happens. If you are not smart, life can be stressful. Having a college education can take away a lot of stress because I know i have the skills and knowledge to qualify me for another

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