Going To College After Graduate

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After Graduation
I plan on going to college after I graduate because I want to have financial stability to be able to support my family. College will provide me with opportunities that I will not have if I just have a high school diploma. I will be the only person in my family that has attended college. Having a college education will secure my future. Most leaders are college graduates, statistics reveal. You will be enabled to have a better lifestyle, for you will make more money. It expands your knowledge base, makes you methodical, shapes your communication skills, makes you organized and gives you a better value system as well. College is like athletic cross-training for the mind. I am reaching to be able to have many of these skills, and college will be the way that I will get them. I have to go to college because I plan on becoming a dental hygienist, and that requires at least two years of
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Along the way you will also discover new passions, follow and satisfy your curiosity, learn more about yourself, build knowledge, skills and brain power, bond with new friends, and prepare for a future in which you are better equipped to give back. Whatever your destination may be, college could help you get there, even if you are not sure where “there” is yet. The global economy is increasingly becoming more and more competitive. You must understand the importance of college to be able to get a well-paying job. Education always opens up doors, the more education you have, the more opportunities that you will have. In this society, those who have college degrees tend to receive more respect than those who just have a high school diploma or a GED. It is much easier for a person with a degree to get a job, maintain a job, and also get promoted on the job as well. The more educational opportunities you are exposed to the more knowledge and skills you will

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