Analysis Of Why College Isn T For Everyone Essay

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Do you think college is important to go to? Do you want to go to college? College is a good education to take. It`s a good idea because you can earn more and get a job at first place. College can inspire you or lead you to a new world that you have never seen. College can help you find your interest in stuff, find what you really like to do and it will lead you to your goals you have. First of all, in the article “Why College Isn`t for Everyone”, paragraph 6 it states that “…college is more than training for a career and many might benefit from social and non-purely academic aspects of advanced schooling…” This means that college does not just prepare you for a good career. College may prepare you for a lot of things, it will teach you, help …show more content…
They say not all college students graduate. Actually in the article “Why College Isn`t for Everyone” paragraph 3 it states that “…a goodly portion (more than 40 percent) of those attending a four-year colleges full-time fail to graduate…” This supports the counterclaim because its proving that not all people are able to graduate college. Another reason is that they can`t afford their kids to go to the college. It somewhat talked about the article “Actually College Is Very Much Worth It”. To tell you the truth I think going to college is really up to us. I am pretty sure everyone wants a good life in their future and I think by going to college it will help them guide themselves to a brighter future. In the article “Actually College Is Very Much Worth It”, paragraph 5 it stated that “College graduates are also more likely to be in jobs with better benefits…” This means that when graduating college can benefit you in your jobs like I have said a few times college guides you to a better future. In conclusion going to college is a good idea for you and perhaps the society. College will lead you to a brighter future. Going to college will give your more choices, opportunities to your future. College will benefit you in your life and throughout your

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