Compare And Contrast The Views Of College Prepare People For Life Essay

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Compare and Contrast the views of Higher Education From a general point of view, higher education can be beneficial to some college students. As I compare and contrast the article, “Should Everyone Go To College” to Freeman A. Hrabowski’s “Colleges Prepare People for Life”, I realized Hrabowski’s article has primarily focused on how higher education leads to many opportunities, and does not go in depth on the negative aspects of why college cannot be suited for everyone. In contrast, the article, Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill’s “Should Everyone Go to College” contains both sides of the argument. This article explains how college may not be the ‘right’ choice for everyone because every career path or goal is different, …show more content…
For this particular article, Hrabowski shares a similar point on how education is important when it comes to getting jobs. Hrabowski presents her argument on how “College graduates are much more likely to be employed than those with only a high school diploma and earn substantially higher salaries” (260). This viewpoint shares the same philosophical viewpoint in comparison to Owen and Sawhill’s “Should Everyone Go to College” because Hrabowski agrees that having a college education can lead to the acquisition of jobs that are more financially stable than high school graduate salaries. In addition, Hrabowski also agrees with Owen and Sawhill’s opposing point by saying that “Students and families should learn as much as possible about each institution they are considering. They should also estimate the net costs, looking carefully at expenses and anticipated grants and loans” (260). This ideal point made by Hrabowski relates to Owen and Sawhill’s point on how some schools are not worth the risk in investing money for because some people does not have the expenses to go to college as they risk the chance of obtaining certain degrees that would might rather accumulate job lower salaries than others. Furthermore, from knowing the fact that some degree holders who work in low wage jobs such as service earn less than others, Hrabowski is right about how people should be cautious in choosing the right school and the correct degree leading to a stable job. As for the differences between the two articles, Hrabowski goes in depth further explaining how earning a higher education degree in college is not only great for obtaining well-stable jobs, but it is also beneficial for other aspects in life as well. For example, Hrabowski mentions the fact on how a college education can be very beneficial when it comes to improving the status of

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