Informative Essay: Should Students Go To College?

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Should Students Go to College? Many students are faced with the demanding decision on whether or not to attend college. The entire concept of college can be overwhelming for some people because of the commitment; however, college degrees now seem essential for career development. When discussing college certain people have different opinions, causing confusion to some students. For example, in Bryan Caplan's article "The World Might Be Better Off Without College for Everyone," he provides his own views about college. His thesis states that college is vital for a civilized society, but he believes that there are many other ways to improve our society that does not involve an extensive education. His views rebut the conventional way many people …show more content…
On one hand, college helps people get better-paying jobs. From this perspective, college seems like a worthy investment; however, others such as Caplan argue that college is a waste of time because students do not learn what they need for jobs. In words of Caplan, one of his view's main proponents is that "Trying to spread success with education spreads education but not success" (para. 34). According to his view, college does not determine success. In sum, then, the issue is still whether or not students should attend college. I view college as a way to flourish one's education level, leading to a better job. Though I concede that some people go to college for the manifestation, I still maintain that college helps mold and teach students to prepare for jobs. For example, in Perry's (2015) article, he states that "College is not all about academic, it is to meet new people and make new memories" (para. 14). This demonstrates that there is an intrinsic reason for attending college. Although some may object that going to college for fun is a waste of money, I would reply that you can have fun and learn throughout one's educational career. This issue is important because millions of students are faced with the same daunting

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