Analysis Of Should Everyone Go To College By Owen And Sawhill

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In “Should Everyone Go to College,” Owen and Sawhill states that college allows students who graduate to earn a higher rate of income; however, various factors should be considered before choosing a degree. Moreover, the authors clarify that while the value of college outweighs the costs associated with earning a degree, just any college degree is not the best investment one could make to ensure the completion and success of their education.
The authors also explain that the value of college can outweigh the costs associated with completing a degree. Owen and Sawhill emphasized that college improves certain values, such as job satisfaction and overall well-being, while also improving equally-as-important more monetary values such as graduates’
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Owen and Sawhill clarified that it is a better investment for young adults to take the time to find a college or program that fits their individual needs to achieve a higher rate of interest. Coincidentally, the text asserts that information on financial aid and graduation rates should be more extensive and easier for students to access. The authors explain that certain policies, such as The Obama Administrations new college scorecard, are headed in the right direction to eliminate unclearness with these types of information. Nevertheless, the authors explain that more could be done to aid students in this important process. Over all, they assert that research about financial aid, scholarships, colleges, their degrees, and other programs are essential to helping students make wise decisions about which college and degree to choose; therefore should be more easily …show more content…
The reading wanted to educate the audience that it is not a sensible choice for young adults to attend just any college or earn any degree. Another main point the authors also wanted to express is that there are many factors that can determine the rate of return and rate of interest associated with different college degrees. The authors of “Should Everyone Go to College” also point out that there should be more information instantly available for students. It is agreeing that students should have immediate access to this information. The overall cost of the college or program, financial aid, scholarships, and more extensive details about the degrees and programs that are offered, would be very helpful to students trying to make wise decisions about their future. It is also agreeing that students should choose a career path based on their individual attributes, strengths, and talents to safeguard their success and to receive a higher return of

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