Why Is College Worth Essay

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Regarding the Worth of College
In this paper I will be arguing for why college is worth it. Worth in this context is going to be thought of in terms of quality of job, rid of debt at some point, and more options open to a person.
The reason for questioning why college would not be worth it is as follows: As price of school increases and jobs are not promised many students such as myself wonder if going to college is worth it. A four year degree alone can rack up debt. I have found completing a four year degree, in four years, for most majors requires the student being enrolled in 18 credit hours each semester to have meet all the requirements at the end of four years. Taking less credit hours would mean being in school and having more tuition
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How did I come up with that number of years for debt repayment? Because how much debt a person acquires is largely dependent on that person and how they manage their money and their life, I have chosen to base my arguments on the standard for a four year student. The standard repayment plan for federal student loans puts that student on a ten year track. Following the footsteps of the federal repayment plan I use ten years as a standard number. Thusly I argue:
If your debt takes ten years or less to pay back then you will break even and have positive money after ten years or sooner. If you break even and have positive money after ten years or sooner then college is worth it. If your debt takes ten years or less to pay back then college is worth it.
This above argument supports my first and second premise in their use of ten
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A graduate can get a job that is available to only graduates, but they can also get a job just like the average Joe. A major turn off to college is the massive amounts of debt, but if a student probably has a job then they can pay off debt and now they are back where they started debt free but this time they also have a degree. And that degree opens up the option for better quality of jobs. I do not deny that different people will have different opinion on the worth of college nevertheless for the purpose of this essay as long as the graduate pays is capable of paying back their debt or acquiring none, and have the options of degree and non-degree requiring jobs then college as is defined in this essay will count as worth it. Under a different definition it may not, but I am not discussing under a different

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