Dale Stephens's 'College Is A Waste Of Time'

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In the article, “College is a waste of time” by Dale Stephens, Dale gives his persuasive opinions on why college is a waste of time by giving out evidences of how college isn’t fully beneficial and describing people who are successful today without a college degree. Dale describes college as “rewarding conformity, regurgitation, and theory”, instead of, “rewarding independence, learning, and application”. Providing that college is also hungry for people’s wallet, The College Board Policy Center showed that tuitions have increased 3.6 times since 30 years ago. Not everyone needs college to be successful such as Mark Zukerberg who made it big without a diploma. Summing up the article, Dale states that in the end it’s people’s choice to look for …show more content…
Personally, college is a different environment compared to what high school students are used to. College teaches students to be more independent relying on ourselves to take care of our studies and learning process. Take High School for example. High School teachers will constantly remind students of deadlines for assignments while professors could care less if students missed the deadline. Because college students are considered more “mature”, students are required to manage their own time checking due dates for each class themselves. As shown in the study, growth in Moral Reasoning proves that students take the concept importantly using it in their studies and real life situation. College greatly takes Moral Reasoning in consideration letting students prove what is right and wrong which is part of our human nature in order to challenge real world scenarios such as future careers. As for critical thinking, many students take advantage of what they learn and analyze information using them to question arguments and forming conclusions. College students use critical thinking for judging questions or subjects in order to figure out if their conclusion is valid. Not everything has a right or wrong answer, but thinking “critically” on subjects can improve little to dramatic differences on conclusions. This is important later on with jobs dealing with project designs and having to think “critically” if the …show more content…
The Wabash National Study displays what is pushing students towards success and what is lacking that students also should take in. The areas low on growth should be evenly distributed the same way the higher growths are. The learning process covers more than one area and that includes everything. With the kind of money students pay for tuition, it is mandatory for college to better cover every subject area. People don’t go to college just to hangout and party, but using their resource acceptably. After all, College is meant to educate students towards their future careers and dreams. The future is not predicted, but learned which is why college should not be considered a waste of time. After graduating from a university, people will look at you more exclusively as a person of opportunity. I’m not saying that there aren’t people out there who succeeded without going to college, but it is the most safest/ reliable path. Whether one graduates from Harvard or The University of Houston, both will be in a better position than someone who haven’t been to college. With the struggling economy today, employers are looking for college graduates who dedicated their time and money to study specific fields in order to suit their job

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