Analysis Of College Is Not A Waste Of Time And Money

College Is Not the Key to Success In College is a Waste of Time and Money by Caroline Bird she explains how college was a good place for a few kids that were drawn to their academic work, but now it is stupid for kids to go to college when all they are doing is wasting their time and money. Bird is right, the only reason they go to college is to make their parents happy not for the education part. She explains that young adults in college are sad, mostly because they are just thrown into the real world without knowing what is going to happen next. They do not know what is best for them so they think going to college will help them get a better job in the long run. Most teachers, engineers, and even nurses said they do not use what they …show more content…
I do not agree with this statement, I believe that college will help you in the long run with the job you are looking at no matter what kind of job it is. But, when Bird says “My unnerving conclusion is that students are sad because they are not needed”(Bird 430). She is correct, most high schools willnot treat you correctly in order for you to be “college ready.” Some high schools will still be asking seniors to turn in their work that was due four days ago. That is not preparing them for college at all, they need to grow up and realize they will not be treated like that in college. So, when they get to college and they are not getting babied anymore, they feel like they are “not needed.” They are not sure how to live in the real world since they have been treated like this their whole life. If high schools were to treat their students like the young adults they are, college would not be such a difficult task for them to succeed. She explains, “The implication is that an 18-year old is too young and confused to know what he wants to do, and that he should listen to those who know best and go to college”(Bird 431). Most seniors do not know what to do with their life, they are only 18. How is one suppose to be ready to tackle college if they do not know what they want to be yet? Even if they do not know what to do with their life, they think if they go to college they will not have to go out into the real world for a couple more years. At just 18, trying to figure out what one wants to be for the rest of their life is hard. Especially when their high school is not treating them like the young adults they are. Once college has started they will feel like they are “not needed” and college will become much harder for them to

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