The Pros And Cons Of Attending College

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Zig Ziglar once said, “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.” College is very expensive nowadays and is harder to pay for than it was back then. College is a very hard thing to accomplish and a hard decision for individuals and their families. Even though college is worth going to, students still have to pay for college tuition, a place to live, and transportation which is all too expensive for them.
Students want to go to college but the reason why that some of them are skipping, missing classes, or not even going to college is because college tuition is too expensive. “75% of students say that college is too expensive” (Pew Social). Students want to go to college but can’t because one can’t afford it. “Some people
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25% of students say that is harder to buy a home while going to college (Pew Social). When people buy a home while they are going to college, they are practically putting themselves in a deeper whole of debt. 48% of experienced students say that paying off their debt, was harder to pay for their bills and everything else they had to pay for (Pew Social). Even if students build their own house, it will be very expensive and time worthy. If students build their own house, they will have to still have pay for: their college tuition, food, materials to build their house, and transportation to help them during the process of their house building and going to other places (school, stores, activities, …show more content…
Some students are above average and might need to take the liberal classes to keep the challenge upon them. “Rather than pursing business, technical or vocational training, some students (and their families) opt for a well-rounded learning experience” (Roth, Michael). Students would rather take their own path and make their own choices than to have other adults pursue them in doing other things. Students want to take classes that will help them with their career path and that will help them in the long run but since the wages of college students have went down, it will make it even tougher to live in a young college student’s life. “A harsh reality confronts them; the rewards for the time, energy, and money that young people put into college are less than they were a decade ago” (Shierholz, Heidi). Students are furious that they are doing the same amount of work as society was doing a decade ago and they are getting paid less. How are students supposed to pay for things with the little money they are giving to them?
Students have to pay for college tuition, a place to live, and transportation all while going to school is a hassle. College is very expensive and students and their families struggle every year to make sure their child get a good education. College is definitely worth going to if you get the chance but many students don’t

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