Why I Am In College Essay

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Why are you in College? “You must go to college to succeed in life.” This quote is something my parents would regularly say to me as a kid growing up. I grew up thinking every other person in the room with me at school would also graduate with me because I didn’t think there was another route. When I got to high school and realized some people actually did not intend on going to high school it blew my mind. I thought people had to be insane to not go to college and have a successful life. The older I got, the more I realized not everyone had the same influences that I did growing up. My parents have always pushed me to my limits to make me excel in my grades, so that I would be fortunate enough to get into college. With this in mind, the main reason I am in college is because of my parents and the lifestyle they created for me without even realizing it. Without their guidance I would not be on the route to success. This kind of ties into one of the four most popular reason to be in college: to become a literate, well informed citizen. Without the guidance of my parents I would not realize that going to college would allow me to offer something bigger than a large French fry to the world. My …show more content…
We both played the same sports, took the same classes, and even planned on majoring in the same field. My senior year of high school I realized I had to start figuring out who I was and stop following her footsteps. I decided to go to a different college then the rest of my family to figure out who I am and what I want to be. This is similar to one of the most popular reasons of going to college. I believe most college student attend college to figure out who they are whether they realize it or not. Living on my own and doing things out of my comfort zone has forced me to figure out who I am. Without the college experience I would still be following my sister’s footsteps and not be figuring out who I

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