Graduating High School Essay

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Graduating High School I had several Ideas on how life was going to work. I would finish high school then off to college and a high paying job after. In high school no one had a practical conversation with me on the inner workings of life such has how to apply for college and what was the job availability for by chosen career. You see no one in my family had attended college, therefore I had no ideas about college and career planning. The first year out of school I attending a community college only to find myself overwhelmed and confused. I decided why bother with college anymore most of my family and friends have never attended college and they are doing just fine. I dropped out of school, obtained a full time job and started my life. It was just me for the longest time until I meet my husband. We decided to get married and shortly after gave birth to our first baby boy. Life events can change your perspective. I stated to worry …show more content…
Edline had been a labor and deliver nurse for years, she was a wonderful person with a kind attitude. I began gathering information on nursing programs in my area. Most programs required at least two years of prerequisite course before applying to nursing school. Although I had a desired to be a nurse, it was not an easy choice being that I was a new mom with financial responsibilities. After several days of searching for college programs, I came across a Workforce Ready program offered by a local community college. After completing a few required courses, I could apply for the nursing program. I was excited and on my way. Although family and friends express their concerns, I knew that this would be my way to create a better life for my family. So against others judgment, I enrolled in nursing school, completed my courses within 2 years. I passed my stated board exam and official became a

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