My Reflection On Enrolling At Mayland Community College

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Final Reflection

For my major I have chosen Elementary Education, I believe that this major will be the best fit for me because of my passion for working with kids. Next fall, I plan on enrolling at Mayland Community College and hope to earn my associate’s degree and then I am going to transfer to a four- year university to earn my bachelor’s degree. The top three colleges I am considering for transfer are East Tennessee State University, Appalachian State University, and Mars Hill University. I have not applied to any of these colleges yet, so, therefore, I haven’t been accepted yet. I would begin going to the University in the fall of 2018 and I would hopefully graduate the spring of 2020.
My top college choice for transfer is East Tennessee
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A few of these that I feel that I have strongly put to use are the following. I have identified my learning style, which I believe will greatly help me in my future educational experience. My learning style is aural/auditory, which means that I learn best by ear. When I hear things more, I can better memorize and learn them. Now that I know my learning style I feel that I can customize my learning to help me better learn the material I am studying. Another of the quick tips that I believe that I have utilized is being prepared. I think that over the semester, I have overall been prepared for class and I feel that this is one of the best qualities a student can possess. I believe being prepared shows your teacher or professor that you are serious about the class and about your education. The final quick tip I believe I have utilized is becoming engaged in my learning. I have done a lot of research on colleges and scholarships and have become engaged in learning what steps can help me succeed in my education and I feel that this will benefit me throughout my education. However, there are several of these quick tips that I have not utilized yet but that I feel would be beneficial to my education. First of all, I would like to improve my note-taking skills, I have always had a problem with taking effective notes, and I believe, in a way, that has hindered my education. In the future, I hope …show more content…
I hadn’t researched any colleges and didn’t know which one I wanted to transfer to. Now, I have done various research on colleges and scholarships and I now feel like I am prepared for college. This class has taught me so much about preparing for college and I know that taking this course will pay off in the future. My goals haven’t really changed throughout the course, but the course has helped me prepare myself more so that I can achieve these goals. I now feel like I am ready to transfer to college. I am very confident with the choices I have made this semester, I believe that they will help me accomplish what I am hoping to throughout college and in life. I am currently on track with my goals, I have applied and been accepted to the college I will be attending and am currently researching and applying for scholarships. In my future, I can definitely visualize success, and I believe that this class has had a large part in that success. I still have a few things to do before transferring to college like applying for financial aid, etc. From this course, I have learned how to be prepared for my college transfer and I believe that having taken this course, I can now move toward my dreams of becoming a Kindergarten

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