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  • Guests Of The Sheik Analysis

    you take one in my country. The dark roads, dirt on the roads, light spark far from a village and the passenger conversation are those memories which I have them from the journey from town to town back in my country. I raised up in the town called Kabul shah in the province of Kandahar in Afghanistan. The Kandahar province is one of the most famous provinces out of 36 in Afghanistan. One of the reasons for being such an important place is because most of the kings or presidents were from this region. The Kandahar province is the birth place of a famous tribe named Pashtun. If we count other Pashtun tribes and Pashtun provinces in the country, they make almost 75 percent of the population in the country. The province of Kandahar has many small and big cities, and most of the residents of the cities are Sunni. This region of the country is very reach in history and most of the empires were dissolved in this region of the country. The income source of local people was from agriculture until recent, but now most of the people found access to the world trade and they started importing goods to the country for business. The city where I was born is also called Kandahar which is the mean city of the Kandahar province. The town where I raised up Kabul Shah is pretty much the same as Fernea described the village of El Nahra in her book. The houses in the town are made of mud and most of them are made by the owner of the house or local constrictors which is called Bana in Pashto. The…

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  • The State Centric Approach

    In the international system, states seek security. Traditionally, this security was that of the state and the absence of threats to its existence. In the last twenty years, there has been a broadening of this concept with the introduction of “human security”, described as a “freedom from fear and want”. In the advent of increasing intrastate conflicts, the international community has faced a compulsion to aid the enhancement of human security when the state itself is unable to do so. This…

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  • Gayle Tzemach Lemmon: Character Analysis

    Sidiqis’ successes and growth mindset. Lives in city of Kabul had changed overnight when the Taliban seized control from 1996-2001. Afghani women faced the harshest policies under Taliban rule. Not only they banned from school, work but they also need to be fully covered and not allowed to be on the street without a male escort. Under the Taliban’s rule, many women became sole breadwinner for their family when the male members forced to flee the city. Despite the difficulties, women learned to…

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  • A Thousand Splendid Suns Chapter Summary

    Section 1. A thousand splendid suns is set in Afghanistan from the early 1960s to the early 2000s. The novel introduces Mariam, a young girl in the 1960s, grows up outside Herat, a small city in Afghanistan. Mariam has mixed feelings about her parents: She lives with her spiteful and stubborn mother, Nana; while her father Jalil, a successful and well-known businessman, visits Mariam — his only illegitimate child — once a week. Mariam resents her limited place in Jalil's life; she wants to live…

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  • Najmah Under The Persimmon Tree Analysis

    Terrorism is a real time problem faced by lots of people everyday. It also affected Najmah in Under the Persimmon tree by, Suzanne Fisher Staples. Najmah is affected by the taliban because the taliban killed most of her family and took her brother to fight in the war. This is important because all around the world people are being treated poorly by the Taliban. These people are forced to give up in what they believe in and replace that with there own strict laws. My piece is about the harsh…

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  • What Is Amir's Role In The Kite Runner

    Amir spent his whole childhood in Afghanistan with his wealthy father and best friend Hassan, son of their servant, who Amir witnessed being raped in an ally, and did nothing about. Soon after, they were forced to leave Afghanistan because it was becoming war torn. Amir continued to live his life in America, where he married the love of his life and his father died. Later in his life, Amir went to Afghanistan and retrieved Hassan’s son, who was his nephew, out of trouble with the Taliban. The…

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  • Essay On Women In Afghanistan Society

    Oppressed, Inferior, and Unequal We all know that women’s rights are a big struggle in Afghanistan. It was worse when Afghanistan was under the Taliban rule. These women were treated unfairly, beaten for the slightest wrong move, raped, and thrown out like trash. Some women are putting up a fight and really trying to get their freedom. Unfortunately, the Afghanistan society and the way things were being ran before the Taliban fell are keeping these women from achieving the goal they want, and…

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  • The Shinwari Tribe

    tribe represented about 400,000 people in eastern Afghanistan. The Shinwari tribe also pledged to send at least one military-age male in each family to the Afghan Army or the police in the event of a Taliban attack. The American commanders agreed to channel one million dollars in development projects directly to the tribal leaders and bypass the local Afghan government, believe to be corrupt. “The Taliban have been trying to destroy our tribe, and they are taking money from us, and they are…

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  • Women In Afghanistan

    Once the Taliban came to rule, all social aspects of life drastically changed for the women in Afghanistan. Women had the freedom to dress and present themselves according to their liking. Women dressed themselves wearing high heels, skirts that showed their bare legs, and freely styles hair and makeup. They could leave their house to go where they wanted, like any person should be able to do. Horia Mosadiq, and Afghan women, was a young girl at the time of Russia’s invasion in Afghanistan.…

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  • Critical Analysis Of The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

    Introduction Set mostly in Afghanistan in the regime of Taliban, the book Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini has won many hearts from its reader. The book that first published in 2003 really deserves a title as The National Bestseller. Bringing the theme of friendship, betrayal, guilt, redemption and the uneasy love between fathers and sons this novel had me thrilled and moved, both at the same time. Hosseini successfully portrays the feeling of the characters and also the situational at…

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