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  • Utilitarianism In Kansas City

    persons” (“The Definition of Utilitarianism”). However, how are all members within the Kansas City metropolitan area supposed to benefit from utilitarianism when minorities do not make-up a majority of the population? A modern day example of local utilitarianism is the shopping strip that is currently being built in Liberty, MO. Contractors are building unnecessary clothing and pet stores, despite there being similar businesses within the general vicinity. These types of buildings are commonly not built in Kansas City very often because contractors…

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  • Kansas City Buildings

    DOWNTOWN KANSAS CITY APARTMENTS-THE BEST History of the Downtown: your future to be site In 1930, search began on what would be the tallest building in Missouri for 50 years. The 36 story skyscraper was inaugurated in 1931, as the headquarters of the Kansas City Power & Light Company. It is recognized as one of the finest structures of art, décor and architecture in the United States and is a monument to the innovation of its time. Upon completion, it was the tallest building in west of the…

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  • Racism In Kansas City

    People in Kansas City may think there are millions of solutions to solve problems in such a segregated world. Many people put out many ideas from racism more community involvement fairs and church etc. They might sound like great ideas but in reality it’s most likely that they might not work. These ideas might only work for that one day and will never make a big difference. Racism is a big problem and the way to fix this problem or at least try to fix it would be by harsh penalties this is…

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  • Essay On Kansas City Crime

    Kansas City is the home of many people, but how can it remain a home when a lot of loved ones are being killed or taken away from us into the system. Crime rates in Kansas City have risen, so between two solutions the broken window theory is better at stopping crime than mentoring because it lowers crime rates and improves the community. Nowadays it’s almost normal to hear of another death, or someone else being incarcerated. Those who commit crimes whether it be homicide, robberies, or…

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  • Kansas City Ballet Intensive Analysis

    A heart, like a magnet, with return home, on the opposite sides of the world or not. Sometimes it takes a great journey to appreciate the little things in life. It took a trip away from home for me to realize this. This past summer, I spent 5 weeks of my sunny days in Kansas City, Missouri for a ballet intensive. This trip helped me realize the importance of family and comfort. Some people say, ‘home is where the heart is’, during my experience, this statement reined true. I believe that the…

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  • Kansas City Preventive Patrol Study

    The Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment was established as a strategy to deter crime arrest offenders and reduce the fear of crime. It began on July 19, 1972, and ended September 30, 1973. In doing so, its objective was to get feedback on the results of the preventative method for the routine patrol. The effort of the process created a reluctance in the police department in refers to using an experiment to determine the purpose of a patrol. While in the process of attending daily…

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  • Kansas City Preventative Patrol Experiment

    That was the true reason for why productivity kept going up. As a result of this study, other companies began paying attention to their employees as well. One of the first major field experiments to ever exist in the criminal justice world was the Kansas City Preventative Patrol Experiment. The idea up until this point was that one of the most effective parts of policing is routine patrol. This thought began to be challenged “starting in 1962 when crime started to skyrocket and awareness…

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  • Kansas City Chiefs Research Paper

    Kansas City Chiefs (11-5) at Houston Texans (9-7) What a season it has been for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs were left for dead after starting the season 1-5, averaging 21.2 points per game over their first six contests. Since the dreadful start, Kansas City closed the regular season with 10 straight wins and has averaged 27.8 points per game over that stretch. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith and a stout Kansas City defense have been the primary reason for the team’s turnaround. Smith has…

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  • Kansas City Zephyrs Case Study

    Kansas City Zephyrs Bill had to be an arbitrator between Owners Committee and Players Union 1. Roster Depreciation The owners recognize depreciation of a value placed on the player roster at the time the baseball club was purchased apparently just because tax rules allowed them to do so. Tax rules allow this value to be set arbitrarily at a maximum of 50% of the purchase price (It would be foolish to set it at a lower value for tax purposes). The depreciation is spread linearly over six…

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  • Case Study Of Keith Thompson's Blue Collar Group, Inc.

    As a parent have you ever felt that your child didnt have enough opportunities for growth? How about as a teen did you wish for more chances to learn about different career paths or just simply learn how to better care for yourself and prepare for adulthood? One metro man has taken the initiative to meet all those needs. While working to attain his Project Management Bachelors of science and administration degree. 29 year highly motivated Keith Thompson has decided to turn his senior project…

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