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  • Kappa Gamma Case Study

    college-educated women in America has changed over the last generation, including those of more diverse backgrounds; and whereas exposure to peers with a diversity of backgrounds, opinions and experiences provides a richer educational and social development of character, which is among the tenants of the Kappa mission; and whereas with the new structure Kappa needs to attract and inspire many more volunteers, especially those in senior leadership roles; and whereas the true, beautiful and the good come in all shapes and colors and backgrounds and we as Kappas aspire to live and lead by those tenants fully; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED Kappa Kappa Gamma establish a task force to develop a plan to diversify Kappa’s a) membership; b) leadership; c) programming in order to have the most robust organization that truly reflects our values. Motion Adopted Whereas Kappa Kappa Gamma is an organization of women with an understanding of and an allegiance to positive ethical…

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  • The Importance Of Member Education

    and the world. Kappa seeks to help members become the women they aspire to be. Every Member Education (EME) will serve to reinforce the mission and values of Northern Arizona University by engaging students and encouraging them to make an impact in the community. It focuses on seven, defined core educational values known as our Pillars of Education: Sisterhood Leadership Intellectual Development Well-Being…

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  • Founders Day Research Paper

    25-, 50-, 65- and 75-year Kappas is captured in four pieces of ritual available for this occasion. The service for the presentation of the 25-year pin award is found on Page 21 of the Ritual Book for Alumnae Associations. The service for presenting 50-year award and the alternate service for presenting the 50-year award are found on Pages 23 and 24. The service for the presentation of the 65- and 75-year awards is found on Page 26. All of these services are also available on the Kappa Kappa…

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  • Kappa Gamma Fraternity

    The agreement made , 20 , between Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity (“Kappa”), a nonprofit association, and (“event planner”). 1. Facilities: The event planner agrees to provide Kappa with event planning and management services for the event detailed below. Facility: Date: Hours: Rate or fee: Payment terms: 2. Services: The event planner hereby agrees to provide Kappa with the following services at the function described above. a.…

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  • Summary: Fast Facts About Greek Life

    specific Greek-letter organization. Although each Greek-letter organization establishes its own legacy policy, in general, careful consideration is given to legacies who are interested in joining. There is no guarantee an offer of membership will be extended. How do I learn more or express my interest in Greek life at Pfeiffer? To express or interest and learn more, visit the Go Greek at Pfeiffer Facebook page at XXX. Complete the interest survey and stay tuned for more details coming from…

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  • The Importance Of Kappa Leadership Conference

    sessions and workshops. Kappa Leadership Conference is held in non-convention years and focuses on officer-specific training as well as adviser training. The presented programming aligns with our Pillars of Education. For example, this year, subject-matter experts will conduct education and training on topics concerning well-being—specifically mental health and diversity. The key: Every Member Education is one way we prepare our members for leadership opportunities. It is designed to meet the…

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  • Isu Promotion Plan

    Imagine Kappa at Start Educate Sustain Plan People and Resources Integration OF NEW CHAPTERS AT AVERAGE CHAPTER SIZE WITHIN ONE YEAR COLONIZATION plan WELCOME rounds Potential new members meet Kappa SPREAD the word Kappa is coming to ISU! Personalized Marketing Efforts Making It Unique to ISU! BEGIN recruitment Host Kappa-specific events CONDUCT kickoff events Gather membership information Spans a two-day time period PROMOTE sign-ups Meet & Greet interviews Making History at ISU! Welcome to Our…

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  • Fraternity President Case Study

    Welcome Message from the Fraternity President Welcome to the first-ever Kappa Leadership Conference! With a new organizational structure comes the opportunity to provide our members with an event that combines enhanced training and leadership development at the district level. The focus will be on Kappa’s core educational values — our Pillars of Education. Throughout the conference, we will explore the concepts of sisterhood, leadership, intellectual development, well-being, community…

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  • Education Assistant Contact Potential Trainers

    • The Education Assistant will then contact potential trainers depending on the needs of the chapter or association, where the trainer lives and availability. Please respond to all requests and share your availability and interest as soon as possible. Even if you are unavailable or it us too far to travel, please provide a response. Any information given is helpful. • Once the EME Trainer agrees to the suggested date, the Education Assistant will provide the trainer with the contact information…

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  • Education Trainer Essay

    My name is Karen Holmes and I am the Education Assistant at Kappa Kappa Gamma Headquarters. Your District Director, [District Director name], recently contacted me to place a request for an Every Member Education Trainer visit for your chapter. This workshop should take place [time frame for workshop]. The topic to be presented is: • [topic] EME Trainer visits provide educational opportunities through fun and interactive workshops on a variety of educational topics. EME Trainers are a select…

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