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  • Expansion Of The National Football League (NFL)

    Intro The National Football League(NFL) is a well established league, and it has been around for almost 100 years. The NFL has great history, but what exactly does the NFL need to do to keep an organized league? Expansion can help leagues and different leagues run different set ups but the NFL seems to know and understand the best league system for the NFL. League History The NFL was founded in 1922 and it originally had 17 teams (Pro Football & NFL History). Later in 1960, the American Football League(AFL) was founded and it contained eight teams (Pro Football & NFL History). The first ten years of the AFL, the NFL and AFL would have their best two teams play against each other (Pro Football & NFL History). This game was dubbed The Super…

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  • National Football League: Negotiation Analysis

    The National Football League has had its number of lockouts, the most recent and historically longest being in 2011. It lasted 132 days until an agreement was made between the players and owners. There are many aspects involved in reaching their agreement, however at the end of the day it comes down to money, $9 billion dollars annually to be exact. Back in 2006 the current agreement was set to expire but was extended by both the players and owners. In 2008 owners chose to opt out of the…

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  • Colin Kaepernick's Controversy In The National Football League

    Last season, Colin Kaepernick caused a lot of controversy around the world and especially in the National Football League. The controversy was not caused by his play or something off the field. It was caused by his decision to kneel during the National Anthem. Kaepernick knelt during the National Anthem because he felt that African Americans were oppressed by this country, while people without color were being treated less harshly. He did not want to show pride to a country that did not treat…

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  • Violence: The Role Of Domestic Violence In The National Football League

    Domestic Violence in the National Football League Domestic Violence has been a reoccurring issue in many major sports leagues for example in the National Football League (NFL). The topic came to the public 's attention after star football player, OJ Simpson who played for both the San Francisco 49ers and the Buffalo Bills was put on trial in 1995 for murdering his wife and her friend and was later found not guilty (Berlins). This case brought nationwide awareness for domestic violence among…

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  • The National Football League (NFL): The American Professional Football Team

    Today the National Football League (NFL) is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, but little did you know its origins as the American Professional Football Association were a whole lot more humble. Its birth really originated in an Ohio auto dealership, some teams in the cities such as Decatur and Munchie and the crowning of a champion four months after the last snap was taken. 14 men huddled inside the Jordan and Hupmobile automobile showroom in downtown Canton, Ohio, on the night of September 17,…

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  • Concussions In The National Football League

    Concussions in The National Football League The NFL has a major issue at hand, that is concussions and the lifelong effects they have had on players in all levels of the game, this is not the first time the league has found its self in this situation and it must once again ‘’adapt’’ in order to get through this dark period. In recent years the National Football League (NFL) has been in hot water after concussions, a traumatic brain injury, has surfaced as a result of the growth in medical…

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  • The Importance Of Concussions In The National Football League

    Year by year head injuries are rising in the National Football League. With head injuries growing the tension around the concussion issue is growing. With growing tension more pressure is put on the NFL in means of player safety. The NFL should do more to protect players against concussions because players are constantly taking hits, helmets are not concussion proof, and players are returning to action too soon after suffering a concussion. To start off concussions are defined as a type of…

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  • Racial Injustice In The National Football League

    Police brutality, the killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, and many other innocent and unarmed black people are all examples of racial injustice within our own country. Racial injustice has become a very large issue and too many people are dying for reasons unknown. There are people in the world who do not have a large enough audience to effectively speak on the issue with numerous people noticing. The players are using their unique stage to give people a voice who do not have one.…

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  • The Case Of James Jackson's Case Against The NFL

    The Case Study in question relates to a racial discrimination suit filed by James Jackson III against the National Football League (NFL) in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York in June 1994. Jackson had previously filed a discrimination charge in 1991 with the Equal Opportunity Commission and was granted the right to sue on July 1, 1992 (Jackson v. National Football League, 1994). The plaintiff, James Jackson III, an African American minor league football coach, sued the…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Goodell Defends Month Name

    last seventy-five years there have been effortless attempts by protesters to rid the Washington football organization of the “Redskins” nickname. In 2013, protesters were assisted by ten U.S. Congress members in the effort to strip the organization of their beloved mascot. These congress members wrote a letter filled with their concerns to Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner) along with Dan Snyder (Washington Redskins Franchise Owner) and also to every NFL organization in the league. Roger Goodell…

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