Domestic Violence In The National Football League

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Domestic Violence in the National Football League
Domestic Violence has been a reoccurring issue in many major sports leagues for example in the National Football League (NFL). The topic came to the public 's attention after star football player, OJ Simpson who played for both the San Francisco 49ers and the Buffalo Bills was put on trial in 1995 for murdering his wife and her friend and was later found not guilty (Berlins). This case brought nationwide awareness for domestic violence among professional athletes. Since the “trail of the century” more and more accusations and arrests of domestic violence of professional athletes have been made, but not all of them have been put to light. “Statistics show that in 2013, players in 21 of the
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However that is solely the number of teams based on incidents that were reported. According to judicial experts, victim advocates and sociologists who study gender violence, “Many rape and sexual assault incidents are never reported to police and many charges filed with university authorities are not revealed publicly" (Brubaker). Although domestic violence is a violent and dangerous crime many professional athletes firstly get away with their actions because they are either not reported, or obtain weak or no punishments by the sports’ leagues. Even though critics like coaches and fans argue that the NFL and other professional sport leagues should let the legal system deal with accusations and punishment of domestic violence crimes. The National Football League and other professional sports leagues should suspend players for a minimum of eight weeks for those who are accused of domestic violence because it gives a message to the public that domestic violence is not acceptable, and because the …show more content…
Despite many accusations of football players involved in domestic violent crimes the NFL has repeatedly allowed criminals to continue playing. "At the same time the Minnesota Vikings welcomed back running back Adrian Peterson, who is accused of child abuse. And he was not the only player to sit out Sunday and return Monday"(Brady). The NFL is continuingly allowing athletes to continue playing which lets players continue to think that domestic violence is acceptable. Even after clear evidence of domestic violence crimes the coach of Ray Rice still stands behind his star player. "[...] TMZ published a video of Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancee (now wife) Janay Palmer in [a] [...] casino hotel elevator on Feb. 15. [...] Ravens Coach John Harbaugh, in an effort to support his player, said: "It 's no big deal. I stand behind Ray. He 's a heck of a guy" (Benedict). The video of Ray Rice knocking out his wife is clear proof and evidence that the accusations were true. However, even with this evidence the NFL’s coach stood behind his player and did not punish him for his clear wrongdoings. Many people look up to star athletes as role models. Players in the NFL have a responsibility as being role models to many fans. Tania Araya, program coordinator for the Family Violence Response Program at the Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore notes

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