Colin Kaepernick's Controversy In The National Football League

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Last season, Colin Kaepernick caused a lot of controversy around the world and especially in the National Football League. The controversy was not caused by his play or something off the field. It was caused by his decision to kneel during the National Anthem. Kaepernick knelt during the National Anthem because he felt that African Americans were oppressed by this country, while people without color were being treated less harshly. He did not want to show pride to a country that did not treat every person equally. Kaepernick continued to kneel during the national anthem last season to illustrate to people that a change is absolutely necessary. Although Colin Kaepernick had a satisfactory season with the 49ers last season, he finds himself unemployed. …show more content…
His past success and recent performance should be valued more than the potential distraction he may cause. Colin Kaepernick made it to XLVII, just five years ago. Only nine current starting quarterbacks have ever made to the big game. Kaepernick knows how to lead a team and how to get them to the playoffs and beyond. Kaepernick has a lot of experience in big moments which is what many quarterbacks today lack. The most recent data we have on Colin Kaepernick is quite good. Kaepernick started eleven games for the San Francisco 49ers last season. He was one of the bright spots on an utterly horrendous team. Kaepernick completed 196 of his 331 pass attempts for 2,241 yards (Farrar). He added on 16 touchdowns while only throwing 4 interceptions (Farrar). Kaepernick also has a unique part of his game, he is a dual-threat quarterback. He is known for being able to scramble out of the pocket and picking up yards with legs. He ran the ball 69 times that last season for 468 yards and 2 touchdowns (Farrar). Those stats would be considered mediocre for playing 16 games, but those statistics are amazing for only 11 games played. Kaepernick also had no one around him to help him out, so his number would have only increased with better weapons on the offensive side of the ball. That being said, the risk of him causing a distraction is one teams should take because Kaepernick is a young, dual threat quarterback that has backed his game up with terrific

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