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  • The National Gallery Of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink

    The National Gallery of Art, a museum that was started with a donation of 8,000 paintings and drawings, is now the home of over 120,000 works of art. The National Gallery of Art was founded by Andrew W. Mellon, who traveled from Pittsburg to Washington to serve as a secretary of the treasury. Because he believed that the United States should have a national museum as great as museums of other nations, Andrew Mellon proposed the idea to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936 and offered his very own artwork and money as funds to construct the museum. This proposal led to the establishment of the National Gallery of Art in 1937 on the National Mall on 4th and Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC. After the National Gallery of Art was opened…

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  • Fredrick Mccubbin In Australia

    He was born in King Street, Melbourne. After having spent some time overseas, Thomas Roberts returned to Melbourne in 1885. He was a fellow colleague of McCubbin’s at the School of Painting. Together they went on drawing and painting camps on Housten’s farm in Box Hill and were later joined by Arthur Streeton, Charles Conder and more. These camps made what was referred as The Heidelberg School. McCubbin drew his inspiration from the early traditions of colonial art and often portrayed this…

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  • Organizational Analysis: Museum Of Contemporary Art

    Art Organizational Analysis Paper There is such diversity located within Los Angeles that can be seen through the history and current times. Many people, in the community, however do not know the history or cultures of LA and one way to that is to visit museums. All museums have a purpose and mission statement set to bring the guest understanding or guideline on their collection of works. With the field trips into Los Angeles the two museums, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and the Japanese…

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  • African American Intern Experience

    From Emeka Ogboh’s soundscape in the African Art Museum to the spectacular Freer Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian museums are wonderful places to explore. So a chance to intern at one is an opportunity that cannot be missed. I have the required skill set and mindset called for being a member of the Smithsonian intern team, and the reward for the time put into the program is worth it. School never bothered me. Starting in elementary school, I received all A’s with a few B+’s in the mix. But once…

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  • The Museum 'Utopian Thought'

    Text in and as Art The Yale University Art Gallery is a place for those who appreciate and want to enjoy different types of art in a professional setting. The Yale Art Gallery contains pieces from all regions and all eras, including: African Art, Arts of Islam, European Art, Art and Industry in Early America, Indo-Pacific Art, and American Art and Decorative Art before 1900. Each room is set up in a unique manner to fit its design. For example, the Yosemite Gallery has red painted walls that…

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  • Who Is Paul Rudolph's A & A?

    One of the most waited for events, in an architectural sense, was the completion of Paul Rudolph’s Yale Art and Architecture building in 1963 a postwar American Architectural event. Also known as the A&A it was considered Rudolph’s master piece as it promised to be the solution to solving modernism’s major unsolved problems. As New York Times critic Ada Louise Huxtable said, “it asks and answers some of the major questions facing the art of architecture today, at a time of crisis and transition…

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  • The Importance Of Nudity In Art

    it comes to nudity in art. One of the most famous pieces of art that portrays nudity is Michelangelo’s statue of David. The statue of David was given to Queen Victoria as a gift from an Italian nobleman in 1857, without knowing that the statue showed a man’s genitals. Having been shocked, officials commissioned a sculptor to cover the man’s genitals with a fig leaf that could be taken on and off. The reason for doing so was simple: they didn’t want to offend modern society’s standards about what…

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  • Compare And Contrast A Worn Path And Still I Rise

    Eudora Welty’s “A Worn Path” written in third person and Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” written in first person are two different works of literature. Though they may be two different works of genre and literature; they are very similar in many different aspects of the theme, as for example they both share the same theme and a gripping way to capture the audience. Eudora Welty 's "A Worn Path" is the account of Phoenix Jackson; cheerful, decided voyage. Conquering each hindrance and diversion in…

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  • Reflection Of Piss Christ

    fluids like milk, blood, tears, semen and urine. Piss Christ, won the "Award for Visual Arts" competition held in Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art 's, which was sponsored in part by the "National Endowment for the Arts," which is an agency of the…

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  • NGV Australia Case Study

    In 2013, the National Gallery of Victoria saw roughly 1,940,921 visitors. As the oldest and most visited gallery in Australia, the venue holds over 70,000 works that span several thousand years of history (About the NGV). Since the museum’s founding in 1861, the NGV has grown to include two buildings, NGV International and NGV Australia, located in Melbourne that house a variety of art and artifacts from around the globe including Europe, Asia, and Africa. From 18th century European oils of…

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