The Importance Of Nudity In Art

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For centuries, there has been a huge controversy over what the public should be allowed to see when it comes to nudity in art. One of the most famous pieces of art that portrays nudity is Michelangelo’s statue of David. The statue of David was given to Queen Victoria as a gift from an Italian nobleman in 1857, without knowing that the statue showed a man’s genitals. Having been shocked, officials commissioned a sculptor to cover the man’s genitals with a fig leaf that could be taken on and off. The reason for doing so was simple: they didn’t want to offend modern society’s standards about what was “appropriate” for the public. After all, the man was completely nude – this could offend not only families, but also young children, men, and the …show more content…
I think a lot of art that is considered “inappropriate” is intended to grab the public’s attention and is supposed to be controversial to send a message to society. There are many government programs that are funded with the help of citizen’s taxes, and so the amount of taxpayer’s money that would goes towards the NEA is a very small percentage. Cutting the funding of the NEA is wrong, because it strips artists from showcasing all of their hard work and talent. Artists express their feelings in different ways, and so nudity, sexuality, and political and religious standpoints, and other controversial content should be funded and allowed in museums and galleries so that we can understand and respect different beliefs and ways of looking at subjects in our society. One suggestion for museums or people who oppose the art would be to include some of the topics that would be showcased in the museum in a pamphlet or an online website, or even have a separate section in the museum with a warning, saying that the content may be offensive. So, if people dislike the works so much, then they can avoid looking at it. Additionally, a majority of the public probably lacks a general understanding of art, so why should they play a role in determining the value of a work of art? In my opinion, the works should remain in museums and the NEA should become fully functional once more to serve as a reminder to appreciate and respect works of art and their

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