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  • Minimalist Art Analysis

    Absurdity is key to this exhibition and bringing some humour or levity to minimalist art which otherwise is too often seen as confrontational, anti-humanist, emotionless and intellectually cold. Minimalism may hide its humour behind imposing machine-made structures or recontextualized ready made industrialized forms, but curator John Hampton attempts to show a lighter side of minimalism, he attempts to show us that it is inherently absurd that we take it so seriously. Upon entering the space, even before we ascend the stairs we are met with a cartoonish cacophony of bird like sounds which immediately engages the listener in a light-hearted welcome. At the top of the stairs, we are met with Jon Sasaki’s Slab, Base for a Future Monument, 2014,…

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  • Organizational Analysis: Museum Of Contemporary Art

    Art Organizational Analysis Paper There is such diversity located within Los Angeles that can be seen through the history and current times. Many people, in the community, however do not know the history or cultures of LA and one way to that is to visit museums. All museums have a purpose and mission statement set to bring the guest understanding or guideline on their collection of works. With the field trips into Los Angeles the two museums, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and the Japanese…

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  • The National Gallery Of Art Sculpture Garden Ice Rink

    The National Gallery of Art, a museum that was started with a donation of 8,000 paintings and drawings, is now the home of over 120,000 works of art. The National Gallery of Art was founded by Andrew W. Mellon, who traveled from Pittsburg to Washington to serve as a secretary of the treasury. Because he believed that the United States should have a national museum as great as museums of other nations, Andrew Mellon proposed the idea to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936 and offered his very…

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  • African American Intern Experience

    From Emeka Ogboh’s soundscape in the African Art Museum to the spectacular Freer Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian museums are wonderful places to explore. So a chance to intern at one is an opportunity that cannot be missed. I have the required skill set and mindset called for being a member of the Smithsonian intern team, and the reward for the time put into the program is worth it. School never bothered me. Starting in elementary school, I received all A’s with a few B+’s in the mix. But once…

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  • On Being Serious In The Art World Analysis

    was born in London in 1977 with her parents being two nurses that came to Britain from Ghana (Cooke). She studied a foundation course at Central St Martins, and obtained her degree at Falmouth College of Art and her master degree at the the Royal Academy Schools (Wright). She did a variety of job to support her artistic life before she became famous. After she received different awards and distinctions such as Turner prize nomination and the Pinchuk Foundation Future Generation Art Prize 2012…

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  • Prada Marfa

    as a site-specific, permanent land art, as well as a piece of Pop Art, utilising an iconic brand to encapsulate the period in which it was created. To gain critical understanding of Prada Marfa, one must analyse the social context in which it was created. Using Janet Wolff’s theory…

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  • Sky Cathedral Analysis

    Created in 1958, Sky Cathedral, a piece of assemblage art constructed by Louise Nevelson (1899-1988). As it was created in the 1950s, this piece of art falls into the contemporary period, which stretches all the way from post-war to the modern day. Regarded as one of the most successful female sculptures of the 20th century, Nevelson was born in Russia, however, at of 6, Nevelson and her family moved to America, where she would pursuit her art career. In her early days, Nevelson aspired to…

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  • A Nomad's Revolutionary Beauty Elizabeth Harney Summary

    many other artists in the contemporary age. He is a mentor to other creative artist who devotes their lives for changing the way people see art, especially African art. In the article, “A Nomad’s Revolutionary Beauty,” the author, Elizabeth Harney, challenges the views of museums and critics about El Anatsui works and how it is limited when put in museums. El Anatsui’s artwork expresses a deeper, global, personal meaning, which is often being limited by museums and critics because of their…

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  • Dance As Art Essay

    Along with dance, many other things can be considered as art. The most popular art phenomenon would be painting, followed by things such as music and fashion. The origins of painting date back to pre-historic human times, when cave men still roamed the earth. For them it was a way of communication and storytelling. Throughout the years painting has taken on various different forms, and slowly evolved into what is known today as art. During the renaissance period art, most specifically in the…

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  • Kierkegaard's Prophetic Analysis Of The Present Age

    Kierkegaard uses the parable of the jewel, to illustrate the difference in thought in the passionate and reflective ages. In the following essay, I will explore the difference between the two ages to gain a deeper understanding of Kierkegaard’s sentiments behind the example, before explaining the parable and showing how his prophetic analysis is truer than ever. Kierkegaard begins the The Present Age by stating that the present age is “one of understanding and reflection, without passion,…

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