Frank Lloyd Wright

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright House Essay

    Designer Devan Kaufman said it best when he declared, “Frank Lloyd Wright houses have always just made sense.” Wright had a way of creating floor plans that was so novice and incredible that anyone of the twentieth century and now could tell that he was the architect of a house just by looking at it. His work was so amazing because of how contemporary and intelligent it was. Wright knew how to do certain things like creating pillars to be soundproof so that you couldn’t hear a busy road just outside the house from inside. Although Wright’s were brilliant, he didn’t think of it all alone. Many people and places influenced Wright, and he influenced many people. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was the most influenced architect of the twentieth century…

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright Organic Architecture

    sense of the term... if he can't see at least ten years ahead don't call him an architect.”- Frank Lloyd Wright. An architect is a person who is trained and experienced in the design of buildings and in the coordination and supervision of all aspects of the construction of buildings. Architects are artists whose art are sometimes overlooked, but will be viewed until the end of time. Their creations are ageless and helps define the history of the area surrounding it. Their creations itself are…

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright: American Architecture

    Frank Lloyd Wright is widely considered as one of the greatest architects in the history of the world and the “greatest modern architect in American history” according to the American Institute of Architects. The quote above just shows how much he thought architecture could change the world and how he wanted people to see his architecture. Wright was not only an American architect, he was also an interior designer, writer and educator. He designed over 1000 structures of which 532 were built,…

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright: Most Famous Architectural Designer

    Eunice Lee Daniel Aeschbacher Design History #2 25 November 2015 Frank Lloyd Wright While I was staying in Chicago for studying, I found the landscape with grand and full of high beautiful buildings was fascinatingly alluring people including myself. Especially, Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most famous architectural designers. My personal experience with his buildings: Rookery building, Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio, and Falling Water. Frank Lloyd Wright, who is the most…

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright: Interior Design

    Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect, interior designer, writer, and educator, who designed more than 1,000 structures, 532 of which were completed. Wright believed in designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and its environment, a philosophy he called organic architecture. This philosophy was best exemplified by Fallingwater (1935), which has been called "the best all-time work of American architecture".[1] Wright was a leader of the Prairie School movement of…

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  • Organic Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright

    Different from all architects at his time, Frank Lloyd Wright, Sullivan's disciple, treated rules as something to be broken when needed. Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture was rooted in nature; he called it organic. How did he make his organic architecture apply to time, to environment and to man? How did he merge environment to urban and rural buildings with the use of different materials? Wright chose the word organic to describe his architecture and first used the term in a public address in…

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater Analysis

    Analysis on Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater The building that fascinates me all the time is Frank Lloyd Wright‘s Fallingwater, which has long been recognized as the milestone in the history of 20th-century Architecture. Commissioned in 1935 during the Great Depression by Edgar J. Kaufmann, the owner of the popular Kaufmann's Department Store in Pittsburgh, Fallingwater initially served as a vocation house for the Kaufmanns between 1937 and 1963. What I found interesting about this house is,…

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright's Influence On Architecture

    Frank Lloyd Wright During his life, Frank Lloyd Wright designed and produced as many as six hundred buildings (“Frank Lloyd Wright”). Among these, some of his most influential works were made during the 1920s. These works included new, innovative buildings and styles that would mark the turning point between old and modern architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright’s works in the 1920s greatly influenced architecture to come. Frank Lloyd Wright’s early life was essential to him becoming a famous architect…

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  • Organic Architecture: Organic Architecture

    together. Years went on, and I started to study architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright. Eventually, I was introduced to this word, “organic architecture.” So what really is “organic architecture” and what makes architecture “organic?” Now, where exactly does this word “organic architecture” even come from? Well, it actually dates back as early as the 19th century. As early as 1908, a famous architect by the name of Frank Lloyd Wright began to adopt this idea. Wright, a very talented architect at…

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright's Impact On Society

    Frank Lloyd Wright designed well over a thousand different buildings during his life, most of which were residential, considering he was a domestic architect who believed that he had a greater impact on society by the structures he designed for people to live in. He believed that the people would benefit if their houses were well designed. Though he is well known for his efforts in residential housing, Wright also made his mark in commercial buildings with some notable projects such as the…

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