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  • Leadership Qualities Of Shackleton's Endurance

    What are some leadership qualities that you value? The Endurance expedition of 1914-1917 was a trying feat. As captain of the Endurance, Sir Ernest Shackleton “put his own life on the line, against incredible odds.” and showed true leadership qualities that were put to the test throughout the expedition. He was adaptable, courageous and optimistic. These qualities Shackleton showed during the entire Endurance expedition. He was able to adapt to the conditions on the pack ice and on Elephant island in addition to South Georgia all the while ensuring the safety of his men. Courageously shackleton showed no fear of the Antarctic during the three years of the expedition and his courageousness really showed on South Georgia when they were faced with what seemed to be impossible odds. Shackleton also was very optimistic and showed this when he did not give up in signs of danger even when his crew did. One strong quality that Shackleton demonstrated throughout the expedition was Adaptability. The ability to adjust to new conditions. This was crucial. Shackleton was willing to adapt and move forward to ensure the safety of his men. “When adversity struck, Shackleton kept his men focused on routine” Stated in the Fieldworks supply company newsletter. Showing that Shackleton kept a regular schedule to ensure the health of his men and keep a steady routine while they were on the pack ice. “I knew one more night of exposure would have done it for some of them… the boss decided…

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  • Analysis Of Endurance By Ernest Shackleton

    In the beginning of the story, we get a glimpse into the future of the crew, as their ship,Endurance, gets wedged in between floes of ice that render her useless. This ends all chances of the 28 man crew, with Sir Ernest Shackleton as their leader, to complete their Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. In the beginning of their story Shackleton sets out to cross Antarctica, soon after a failed expedition to be the first to reach the South Pole, however, they’re beaten by a few months. It takes…

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  • How Did Regina Frank Survive The Holocaust

    Have you ever wondered what the people who survived the holocaust are up to? Or what they personally had to go through before the holocaust was over? Regina Frank, Trude Levi, and Martin Stern all had something in common. They all survived the holocaust. Somemore background information on Regina Frank,Trude Levi, and Martin Stern is Regina Frank spoke two different languages Russian and Yiddish too.She became a translator for the Nazis and was sent to the prison in Frankfurt ("Regina Franks…

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  • The Impact Of Charlemagne On Christianity In The Carolingian Period

    After he would conquer a region, he would require the defeated Saxons to convert to Christianity, and be baptised. When the war finally ended, the terms Charlemagne laid out for and accepted by the Saxons included, “...namely that they would reject the worship of demons, abandon their ancestral [pagan] rites, take up the Christian faith and the sacraments of religion, and unite with the Franks in order to form a single…

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  • Amy Winehouse's Concert Report

    The concert that I will be critiquing is the late Amy Winehouse, Live at Shepherds Bush Empire in London, England. On May 29th 2007, solo artist, Amy Winehouse performed along with her backing band, a soul group called The Dap-Kings. I chose to view this concert because Amy is my all-time favorite jazz/ soul singer. Amy performed songs from her masterpiece album "Back To Black" and a few songs from her debut album, "Frank". The Dap-Kings, male only band, consists of Dale Davis on the bass, Zalon…

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  • Charlemagne Dbq Analysis

    Charlemagne reformed Europe for the better. He was a real force in the European empire; his people idolized him during his reign. He really innovated the empire. Charlemagne united the Germanic tribes because he forced them to convert to Christian (R) (P), he had a good relationship with foreign dignitaries (P). Finally, he created a one rule set.(P) (S) Charlemagne forced the Avars to accept Baptism. For example the document shows,”Charlemagne's armies would force the Avars to accept…

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  • Analysis Of Alfred In G. K. Chesterton's The Ballad Of The White Horse

    Alfred the Great, the famous Saxon King during the late 800s is the main character in G.K. Chesterton’s The Ballad of the White Horse. History tells us that Alfred is the one responsible for protecting England’s Christian religion from Danish pagans in England. Alfred lost much of his authoritative power as a result of the successful attacks from Danish tribes. Reacting quickly, Alfred constructs an army by asking three of his closest friends, better known as chiefs, to each assemble an…

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  • Charlemagne: The Father Of Medieval Europe

    Charlemagne is considered as “the father of Europe.” During the years that Charlemagne ruled, he made many contributions for the future of medieval Europe. “Charlemagne was a determined and decisive man, intelligent and inquisitive. A fierce warrior, he was also a wise patron of learning and a resolute statesman.” (Spielvogel 215). Although Charlemagne corrupted the system of government to where we would maintain power, Charlemagne made many contributions for the success of medieval Europe. The…

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  • Joan Of Arc Research Papers

    Joan of Arc A simple, small farm girl made a great difference when possibly saving the French from the English command. She is an inspiration who would lead the French to many victories. This inspiration is knows as Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc a girl living in a small town had enormous dreams of forever fighting for her country. Joan wanted to show to the world that even if you didn’t know how to read, write, and have no background with the military you can still be able to do amazing things. Joan…

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  • Animal Farm Essay: Is Lying Ever Okay?

    Research for Reason #2 (at least 2 sources) The Diary of Anne Frank- Anne Frank and her family are Jews in the 40’s hiding from the Nazis in fear of being taken to a concentration camp. They end up hiding in a part of her father’s office called the Annex, and others must lie saying there are no Jews living there in order to spare the Franks’ lives. This article discusses why lying can be beneficial in a hostage situation, as…

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