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  • Alaska Response Paper

    Response Paper One In this paper, I will respond to three topics that will include: “Alaska and Its People” by Maria SHAA TLAA Williams, The Aleuts of the Pribilof Islands, Alaska by Helen D. Corbert and Susanne W Swibold, as well as the video of Beautiful Journey by Demientieff and Williams, and closing with a summary of power point Alaska Native Perspectives Na Dena – Athabascan Peoples by Maria Williams. According to The Alaska Native Reader of your book, Alaska is one fifth the size of the continental United States, which makes it the largest state followed by Texas. Alaska has 2 large mountain ranges: The Brooks Range (I grew up near those mountains) and The Alaska Range and has 17 of 20 of the tallest peaks on The North American Continent. The most known is Mount McKinley however Athabascans call it Denali which, means the Great One. Kodiak Island is the second largest island proceeded by the Island of Hawaii. The Unangan word for Alaska is Alaxxsaq which translates to place the sea moves toward and other Unangan word is Alyeska which translates to the great land. I think the native words and their meaning are more beautiful than the given western names. Southeastern Alaska is home to the…

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  • Alaska Airline Industry

    He is responsible for overseeing flight operations, maintenance and engineering, labor relations and customer service. That is a big job to have considering Alaska Airlines is the seventh largest airline in the United States based on passenger traffic. The airline carries more passengers between Alaska and the lower 48 states than any other airline (Alaska Airlines, 2016). The impressive, young fleet of aircraft includes 150 Boeing 737 aircraft and 52 Bombardier Q400 owned aircraft. The airline…

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  • Christopher Mccandless: Why Did He Romanticize Alaska?

    Every novel has a character that changes throughout the story and with Christopher McCandless, his character changed over time. Before and after his death McCandless wanted to live a life far away from civilization and with the wild. McCandless purpose for living wild was to feel the freedom and the desire to do whatever he wished to do without no obligation of being stopped or judged. Chris McCandless romanticized living alone in the wild, but was severely underprepared to do this in Alaska.…

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  • Chris Mccandless From An Alaska Park Ranger's Perspective Summary

    In the article “Chris McCandless from an Alaska Park Ranger's Perspective" by Peter Christian. Christian talks about how if McCandless had a map and learned about the Alaskan wilderness he could have lived “He arrived at the Stampede Trail without even a map of the area. If he had a good map he could have walked out of his predicament using one of several routes that could have been successful. Consider where he died. An abandoned bus. How did it get there? On a trail. If the bus could get…

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  • Gambling In Alaska

    Gambling at the casinos is an enjoyable activity in most US states. Roulette is offered by a high percentage of the US state’s casinos, unfortunately, there are no land based casinos in Alaska that can offer table games such as Roulette. Even the tribal casinos which are available in other states that don’t allow commercial gambling are not present in Alaska. In fact, Alaska is considered to be one of the stricter states in US and excited gamers who like table games and spinning slots have to…

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  • My True Home Essay

    Alaska is the largest and the least populated of the fifty United States. Full of mountain ranges and majestic wildlife, it has always captivated people’s attention. However with large distances between largely populated areas and the cold temperatures with long winters most people shy away from living there. But for me Alaska is my one true home; where I have family and friends, and where I want to one day settle down to spend the rest of my life. My one true home has always been Alaska, the…

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  • How Did Chris Mccandless Go Into The Wild

    Did you know that Chris McCandless went into the Alaskan wilderness thinking the he could survive with only a little food and few supplies? Chris thought that what he brought would be plenty to last him until he decided to leave. He also thought that he had enough experience based on his previous trips, like when he went to Mexico. Chris believed that he could survive anything. I think that Chris was wrong about thinking that he was prepared to survive the harsh Alaska wilderness. He had…

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  • Compare And Contrast Chris Treadwell And Into The Wild

    The stories of Chris McCandless and Timothy Treadwell’s journeys to Alaska, provokes the common person to ask at the end of it all: Are they men that people should look up to, or are they just individuals who bit off a little more than they could chew? The author of Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer, reveals Chris McCandless to be an introvert who feels the need to remove himself from a typical life in society and begin his own adventures to figure out who he really is. In an effort to show the issues…

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  • Examples Of Trends In Into The Wild

    journey. He expected a lot of himself. When he started he didn’t tell anyone what his plans were. He had no plans other than fulfilling his dream; but he didn’t share it with his family and friends because he didn’t want anything to slow him down or try to stop him. He stops at some pretty great places and meets lots of people; but yet he still leaves. He even at one point in the book was offered a plane ride to go to Alaska, he is asked to stay and work longer by people he meets but he said…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Chris Mccandless

    Chris McCandless, a 24 year old young man found dead in a van in the middle of Alaska. He was a smart, transcendentalist, college graduate who believed it was best to live life alone and in the wilderness. For two years McCandless through his journeys met many people who helped him get to Alaska. Chris McCandless was very confident that he would be able to live in Alaska alone and would not take anyones advice. Many individuals in the world are overly confident when talking about their jobs,…

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