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  • Paper Towns John Green Quotes

    Independent Reading Task Paper Towns by John Green Paper Towns is an award-winning novel by John Green. The novel is a story set in a small town in Orlando, Florida. The story is narrated by and follows the main character, Quentin. As the reader follows Quentin we learn about how he thinks and more importantly how much he likes a certain girl, who he hasn’t spoken to since they were kids. But one night, she leads him on an adventure until dawn and then disappears the next day. The focus of this analysis is to identify the use of conventional, structural and linguistic features; the interplay between how the text is written and the central ideas, and to identify the context in which the text was created and what the reader brings to the text.…

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  • Analysis Of Criminal By Terra Elan Mcvoy And Looking For Alaska By John Green

    In the novels Criminal by Terra Elan McVoy and Looking for Alaska by John Green, these novels show realistic portrayals of the human struggle for acceptance, security and love. Many teenagers who dislike the lives they live always tend to do whatever it takes for them to be noticed, and those who are scared to lose the person they love will do whatever it takes to keep them or please them. This is honestly a problem because many of them end up doing things they later on regret just to please…

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  • Analysis Of Colin Singleton's An Abundance Of Katherines

    “The morning after noted child prodigy Colin Singleton graduated from high school and got dumped for the nineteenth time by a girl named Katherine, he took a bath,” (3). In the book An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. Colin Singleton is a prodigy, not a genius. When he gets dumped by Katherine the XIX, the nineteenth Katherine that Colin has had a relationship with, he finds himself thinking about having a Eureka moment. A Eureka moment that will lead Colin from a child prodigy to genius…

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  • Tragic Hero In John Green's Looking For Alaska Young

    Out of the hundreds of books i’ve read in my lifetime, “Looking for Alaska” is one of the most memorable. The reason this is so memorable is because of Alaska Young. In this book, written by John Green, Alaska isn’t the very main character, but she’s important enough for the book to be named after her. Alaska is a girl in her late teenage years, who goes to a boarding school in Arizona, with the main character, Miles Halter. Miles is madly in love with this girl for many many reasons. 1) She…

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  • Looking For Alaska Essay

    Alaska’s Lessons of Death Death touches everyone, whether we like it or not. When reading Looking for Alaska by John Green, he forces you to see that and why we, as humans think of life after death, because we can’t handle the thought of complete nothingness. The book starts with the strange protagonist named Miles Halter and we see him start at a new school in Alabama for his junior year. He wants to find his “Great perhaps” in life and he thinks going to this school will help him find it,…

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  • The Theme Of Death In Looking For Alaska

    “Ya’ll smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die.” John Green’s Looking for Alaska explores the concepts of life and death, or more specifically how to live and die. Main character, Miles Halter, desires an exciting life and decides to leave the safety of his home to attend Culver Creek boarding school. Here he meets trailer-bred genius Chip “the Colonel” Martin. The Colonel introduces him to a life of fun and mischief. More importantly, Miles discovers the beautiful, clever, and self-destructive Alaska…

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  • Miles And Alaska

    I am reading Looking For Alaska by John Green and I am on page 200. This book is about a teenage boy named Miles. Miles is a jounior in high school. Miles moved from Florida to Alabama Culver Creek boarding school. Miles did not have friends in Florida, but quickly made some enthralling friends at Culver Creek. Miles way of life changed in a flash. In this paper I will be characterization and predicting. G- characterization of Miles and Alaska Y- Miles R- not sociable - Miles did…

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  • Leaves Of Grass Analysis

    It has life-like characters which make me wish if I could have friends like them in reality. It has a great sense of humour and is written in an incredible style. John Green never ceases to amazes me with his ability of literature and how he always manages to grasp concepts that are important to us teenagers. I truly loved the entire concept of how the characters shared a different relationship, something which many of us perhaps could relate to. Sometime the journey is rather more important…

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  • Quest In Literature

    In Thomas Foster’s, How to Read Literature Like a Professor he explains five useful points that help to recognize and understand literature. The first chapter covers the topic of quest. In order for literature to be a quest there is 5 points to consider. 1. A quester 2. A place to go 3. A reason to go there 4. Challenges and trials during it 5. A real reason to go there. It is important to note that the real reason for the quest is always self knowledge. John Green’s Paper Towns, which was later…

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  • Miles Halter's 'Looking For Alaska': Book Review

    Looking for Alaska Book Journal Book summary Miles Halter, a teenage boy who lives in Florida moves to Alabama for his junior year in High-School. Transferring to the same boarding school his father and uncle also attended, he started attending Culver Creek Preparatory School. Miles Halter, also known as “Pudge”, is especially fascinated by author’s last words and memorizes them passionately. Arriving at Culver Creek, he meets his roommate Chip “the Colonel” Martin. Shortly after he is…

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