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  • Paul Keating Redfern Park Speech Analysis

    Information was limited for the Australian public and as Keating commented, history had been “white blind-folded”. The damage caused by “muddying the waters of issues raised in Redfern” (Manne, R. u.k) has set back the Australians who were and still are committed to reconciliation. This, I speak of from experience. I was brought up during the time of the Howard government. Everything I heard in relation to Indigenous Australia was filtered down from the Howard government stand point. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I was able to understand the way history was often changed and information was guarded in order to appease the oppressors. With this understanding, I have a more open mind when new information is…

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  • Comparing Paul Keating And Noel Pearson's Speech 'Redfern'

    short distance from where the first European settlers landed and is now home to the first urban Aboriginal community. Keating was the first Australian prime minister to publicly acknowledge to the Indigenous that the European settlers were to blame for the misery they survived and continue to live in today. Pearson spoke at the university where he had once studied. As a university is a place of education and Pearson’s speech was given to develop his audiences understanding about Australian and…

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  • Paul Keating's Legend About Identity

    mateship is a key component in the Australian Identity. Even Julia Gillard supported John Howard when In 2004, John Howard he said, “An Australia bound together by the common bonds of egalitarianism and mateship, an Australia made up of people proudly drawn from the four corners of the earth - all of them making a wonderful contribution to our modern nation, a modern nation which is proud of its history, proud of its traditions, but ready to change and adapt in the face of changing world…

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  • Vietnam War Media Coverage

    “More than ever before TV showed the terrible human suffering and sacrifice of war.” (Australia and the Vietnam war, 2007) This statement made by Richard Nixon highlights the impact of media coverage of the war on Australians. Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam war between the years of 1962-1972 was a very polarising issue in Australia’s history. In the early stages of war, there seemed to be a lack of interest among the public, however, this disinterest turned into growing opposition and…

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  • This Country A Reconciled Republic

    The Republican Advisory Committee barely paid attention to the Indigenous issues. As a result, the Republic was defeated and the indigenous right agenda was marginalized with the failure of Howard to propose a preamble which was not related to the republic. The preamble was severely condemned by Aboriginal leaders because Howard did not consult them to draft it. McKenna highlights the impact of the Mabo decision on the republican movement. Indeed, the Mabo decision shattered “the spirit of…

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  • John Howard And Sirleaf Leadership Analysis

    There are various roles that people take on in groups. Different members have different degrees of power. This can affect groups in positive and negative ways. Power is best described as an individual’s ability to do something about change, referring to strength, control, domination and influence. Being a leader means having the ability to lead a group of people towards a goal by inspiring and being motivational. The two leaders John Howard and Elle Johnson Sirleaf have a legitimate power which…

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  • Trying To Call John Howard Analysis

    Trying To Call John Howard Walking around John Howard home one would find every appliance from the 1970’s, including a typewriter. The only appliance that is not from the 1970’s is his TV, which of course, the 83 year old was, forced to replace due to the original TV he had, which was a gift, burned out. These obvious lack of keeping up with present technology shows John’s clear avoidance of any and all things modernized. From the small town of Lafayette, Indiana with all his family there, he…

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  • John Howard Griffin Thesis Statement

    Being an African American person in America in the late 1950s to the 1960s could not be easy. It was a nightmare to be of color in these times due to racial inequality such as, segregation, social injustice, and violence. A person white or black in the world today could not understand how it felt to live in that time as a black person. The only way to actually know how it was to live then as a black person, is to actually live then as a black person. This is a task that author John Howard…

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  • John Howard Griffin Research Paper

    Fifty-seven years ago, John Howard Griffin had the courage to temporarily assume a black man’s identity through medical treatment in order to better understand what it means to be “black” in a society where black’s have little to no rights. He travelled throughout the southern states for six weeks and encountered a plethora of discrimination, oppression, and social injustice during his journey. Arguably, Griffin’s passion for the black community came from his liberal arts education at the…

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  • Arguments Against Pacifism

    Christians should consider that pacifism, which is the belief that violence cannot be justified under any circumstance, is interpretable from Christianity. While this is a strong stance, there are compelling arguments connecting faith and nonresistance. John Howard Yoder lays out the argument that violence is an offense directly against God that cannot be justified. Just War Theory is often raised as a sway for Christians to commit to nonviolence except in certain circumstances. Even if violence…

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