History of Australia

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  • Reflect On Australian Identity

    Australia, a country of great diversity, multiculturalism and individuality. Our soil holds many unique physical features including a heterogeneous range of flora and fauna. Our ethnic history holds likeness to those of no other geographical destination, which may explains why Australia is such a captivating country to the rest of the world. The evolution of Australia occurred in a very short period of time, beginning with the earliest convict settlements around the 19th century, to the now internationally recognised metropolitan cities, which are responsible for the attraction of millions of tourists and immigrants each year. The history of Australia is one, which evokes an image of conflict, human rights infringements, economic expansion and the privation of initiating a cultured country in such an undeveloped and severe landmass.…

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  • In A Sunburned Country Summary

    Bryson is a travel book that revolves around Bryson 's visit to Australia. Bryson was born in 1951 in the United States but has since moved to the UK. Most of Bryson’s books are about travel, the english language, or science; he is probably best known for the book A Short History of Nearly Everything which explains a lot of more scientific things in a way everyone can understand. In a Sunburned Country has two titles, the other being Down Under. The title Down Under derives from the fact…

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  • The Stolen Generation Analysis

    behavior. It is about considering the ways we can make sure this never happens again. If we become forgetful, the injustices of the past could very well be repeated.” Ms. Hocking talks of her journey, she remembers everything and in repeating her journey she talks of the emotions she felt. Many mention the anger they felt, but in ending talk of how they want to make sure that the ‘Stolen Generation’ isn’t ever repeated. I feel that the impact of the ‘Stolen Generation’ scarred millions of…

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  • Fly Away Peter Analysis

    The Australian and New Zealand Army Corp. (ANZAC) soldier was born in this war and exemplified the masculine Australian described in the discourse. Malouf uses the war as a context because it is unique among global discourses due to the view that it holds that WW1 was a foundational event in the Australia’s national history. Otto (2009, P.36) states that WW1 is viewed as a moment which exemplifies the masculinity of Australians as described in the national discourse. However, Malouf uses the war…

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  • Oppression Of Indigenous Aboriginals

    And it all began with the European invasion in 1700 led by Captain Cook. The invasion into Australia in 1700 completely changed the lives of the Indigenous Aboriginals, obstructing with the traditional, cultural and ancient lifestyle that the Indigenous Aboriginals had led for over 1000 years. Gone were the life led by peace and independence and began the horrible period in their history in which oppression and injustice ruled over their…

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  • Essay On Australia Day

    This Australia day which has just gone by many people pointed out that Australia day is a day for racists, bogans and 'dickheads '. There was a cafe owner who put up a sign saying "Yes, we are open on national dickhead day". This man has been applauded by much of the left for taking a stand against a day that has apparently become a national embarassment. Australian of the year was won by someone who in his speech branded Australia as intolerant and that our attitudes are holding back anyone…

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  • Australian Identity Analysis

    championed by the likes of Ward. However, many have criticised the ideas of such an identity as myth, arguing that the promoters of this view were actually inventing an identity which fit with their political leanings. Finally, in the post-second world war period, the British influence on Australia did wane, and with the introduction of multiculturalism as a political policy, it is said that Australia 's British identity has dissolved and that what is left is a fractured, patchwork nation,…

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  • Analysis Of Australian Identity By Bruce Dawe

    the poetry bruce dawe reflects on the ideas and values regarding Australian identity. the attention he has is to make the reader aware of the lifestyle, values and beliefs of the normal suburban Australian, with luckly the help of two of his poems life cycles and the homecoming along with the assistance of Rob Sitch’s movie the castle. All three of them refer to the Australian identity also in diffrent ways.with numerous diffrent lines in the ballad Life cycles Bruce Dawe has presents…

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  • Mary And Max Character Analysis

    was greyscale but had the colour red on only key features to draw the audience attention to a specific place. For example the Max had a red Jewish hat. The hat describes his characterization and draws the audience’s attention to it because it’s the only colour he has on himself. This therefore addresses and shouts to the audience that he is Jewish. The costume and makeup was intriguing during the film. The costumes made the characters are really emphasized and over the top whilst the makeup was…

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  • The Italian's Chain Migration

    On the eighteenth of January 1788, the first fleet arrived in Botany Bay, marking the beginning of a multicultural nation founded on migrants. Throughout Australia’s history migration has continued, with one of Australia’s largest migratory era’s occurring post World War two. This period saw some six million migrants arrive in Australia. These migrations however, were affected greatly by race biased policies. These policies included the white Australia policy and government assisted schemes…

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