History of Belgium

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  • Ethnic Conflict In Rwanda

    The Role of Stability in Ethnic Conflicts: Rwanda vs Belgium Rwanda and Belgium are both states where two nations are forced to coexist, which causes conflict inside the borders of each country. In Rwanda, the conflict between the two groups exploded in 1994 and resulted in a mass genocide that has lingering tension twenty-two years later. In Belgium, the conflict is not violent but the divide caused two government shutdowns and a strong nationalist movement in the Flemish north. While the two conflicts are similar because they have a clear divide between ethnic groups, there are clear differences in the two situations. In Rwanda much of the discord is due to historical prejudice, whereas in Belgium a strong linguistic and cultural divide…

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  • Cultural Identity Research Paper

    This apparent contradiction is illustrated most aptly by the paradox of a country with a population of immigrants displaying the gradual yet seemingly unstoppable rise of anti-immigration parties such as the Front National. Why should this be happening? I believe the answer to this stems from the apparent French obsession with National Identity. At least by the Political Elite if not always by the man in the street. But again it can depend on what street in what town you are looking! Could…

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  • How Did The Cold War Affect Congo

    Congo gained it’s during the time of the Cold War. Congo was especially affected by the Cold War because it was rich in resources, especially uranium, which could be used to make atomic bombs. Belgium wanted to maintain control over Congo because of the riches their resources provided. The United States became concerned with Congo because its resources made it a valuable ally, but also made it dangerous as a potential enemy and Soviet ally. When Patrice Lumumba came to power, he was determined…

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  • Why Germany Was To Blame For Ww1 Essay

    Germany is responsible for causing several countries to enter the war, such as Great Britain. The German military created the Schlieffen Plan, which called for the German army to race west through Belgium to defeat France and then return to fight Russia in the east. Being able to pass through Belgium was vital to the Schlieffen plan because the French had troops all along their border with Germany, and breaking through the French-German border would be slow. However, Belgium, being a neutral…

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  • The Effect Of Colonization On The Congo And Belgium

    The history of a country is significant to the country because it has shaped it to be what it is today. Not only is it important to the country but to the society, as a famous quote went; "people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots". One significant historical event to not only a country and society but to a whole continent was the colonization of almost all the African countries by the European countries. In the 19th and 20th century the…

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  • Why Was Germany To Blame For World War One

    WWI was a huge historical time period for the whole world especially Europe, because it was the first major conflict involving many different countries. It started in 1914 due to many different factors but the most famous one was how the future archduke of Serbia, Franz Ferdinand was shot and killed in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip . WWI was mainly a terrible time period for the world, but it also was a point in history where many new technological advancements took place. These new advancements…

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  • Ethnic Conflict In Belgium

    violence, and political instability. Throughout history, one can see multiple examples of this, some prominent even in the present day. In the world today, conflict between ethnic groups has proliferated, within nations, rather than between states. Belgium is a nation with a rich and interesting history, full of culture, and its own internal ethnic tensions; although it does not display the various factors usually associated with ethnic conflict. For over half a century, the ethnic…

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  • French Culture

    Assembly are elected members by the people of France. The president is elected separately by direct universal suffrage and is the head of state. French constitution gives the power to the president to appoint the prime minister, who oversees the execution of legislation. France has one of the highest populations in the European Union in 2013 with over sixty-five million people. This number includes over four million foreign residents and immigrants who live in France. France has a surface…

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  • Summary Of King Leopold's Ghost

    The atrocities committed in the Congo were some of the most horrendous that the world has ever seen, yet many of us have never even heard of King Leopold II. Leopold was the king of Belgium from 1865-1909. In Belgium, his reign was seen as one that brought great riches to his country, and one filled with good deeds to the Congolese people. However the exact opposite is true. King Leopold II did bring mass amounts of money to Belgium, but at one of the greatest human costs the world has ever…

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  • Essay On The Conflict Between Flanders And Walloons

    Rwanda, an unethical, cruel genocide was lasting for a hundred days with 20% nation population declined. Belgium as the last country that colonized Rwanda also got their problem. Since post WW1, the conflict between Walloon and Flemish people rose to a top. Racism in two different places will be comparing these by three stages: Background, the beginning, and the conflict. At the 1830s, Belgium is constructed by two ethnic groups: Flanders and Walloons. Same as Rwanda, Walloons as the minority…

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