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  • SOA History

    The beautiful history of the Australia 's School of the Air (SOA) begins as the concept of an innovative thinker and organizer in the early 1900’s. His portrait can still be viewed today on one side of the Australian twenty note; the Reverend John Flynn. In 1921 he conceptualized the combined use of two technologies: the Alfred Traeger 's pedal-powered radio and the Royal Flying Doctor Service ( the world 's first air ambulance) The idea to bring education to the children of Australias Outback was born in 1946, when Miss Adelaide Miethke noticed how outback children and teachers could utilize the radio network, maintained by the Royal Flying Doctor Service, to make two-way educational broadcasts via pedal radio. "The aim of School of the Air has from its start been to bring isolated children out of the silence and give them a sense of belonging." (cite some one here) The first SOA in Australia was established at Alice Springs on 8th June 1951. (cite)…

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  • Stolen Generation

    This essay has two different parts, the chosen event and aspect will be about Indigenous Australian history of Stolen Generation. It will have answers to, What is Stolen Generation? why have Indigenous children been removed from their families? Also by analysing the nature of the effects and impacts of the event in practice of Indigenous Australians. Children from the Indigenous Australian background has been through so much traumatic events, that educators must have an understanding of these…

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  • Indigenous Intelligence And Cognitive Analysis

    culture is an underlying factor of intelligence it can become a problematic issue when assessing Indigenous Australians. Gardener’s multiple intelligence theory, along with Charles Spearman’s g factor theory and Lewis Terman Standford-Binet scales are all underlying theories which all address the same issues in the accuracy of assessments. Literature suggest that language, literacy skills, education and cultural norms across Western and Indigenous culture differ which can result in an inaccuracy…

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  • Indigenous Education

    Education for the majority of Indigenous students is a daily struggle. The author has discovered that literacy in particular is difficult for Indigenous students to comprehend. Harrison and Sellwood (2016) points out, average literacy scores for Indigenous students are much lower than that of Australian students as a whole. The author believes educators are faced with the challenge to adjust their strategies to help increase the literacy levels of Indigenous students. Ordinary teaching practices…

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  • Reflective Essay On Aboriginal Culture

    from many other non-indigenous Australians. My cultural identity and perceived place in Australian society have presented hardships and challenges such as racism and discrimination - inherent prejudices or preconceived ideas regarding Australia 's indigenous people, access to health and welfare services, unemployment and substance addiction. My story is one of hardship but also one of triumph - I am a survivor. As with many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, I am afflicted with diabetes.…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aboriginal Health

    Health disadvantages experienced by Indigenous Australians are considered to be historical in origin, but the endurance of the disadvantages can be put down to the modern structural and social factors, embodied in what have being termed the ‘social determinants of health’. Indigenous Australians experiences a greater rate of health problems and worse health outcomes then the non-Indigenous community. For non-Indigenous Australians the important social determinants of health are feeling safe,…

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  • Acknowledgement To Country Assignment

    Topic 1- Acknowledgment to Country and Indigenous Terms of Reference. Acknowledgement to Country is a statement that can be performed in both a formal or informal manner that recognises and respects the traditional landowners of this country and in particular the local region. It can be performed by a non Indigenous person and is delivered before a meeting, speech or formal occasion like a school assembly for example. (QLD Department of Education Training, 2015). This is an important protocol…

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  • Indigenous Language Skills

    Introduction Despite the Australian government’s pledge to “close the gap”, many Indigenous students continue to struggle with their educational outcomes at school. The writing and language skills of Indigenous students in year 7 have been found to be behind their non-Indigenous peers by approximately 58 months and many Indigenous students continue to leave school prematurely (Australian Government, 2015, p. 5; Rose, 2011, p. 89). In ‘Message Stick: Strong and Smart’ (2003), Principal Chris…

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  • Aboriginal Culture Advantages And Disadvantages

    are disadvantaged in Australian society. Addressing low literacy levels within indigenous communities provides the catalyst for positive outcomes to the future of Aboriginal people. Growing numbers of indigenous Australians achieving tertiary qualifications advances academic standing, professional standing and employments opportunities for individual and the indigenous community as a whole ( Mellor and Corrigan 2004). Incorporating the fundamental ethos of Aboriginal culture with input from…

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  • Australia Day Poem Analysis

    be different. For those of white Australian background you think of the stereotypical lifestyle consisting of the sun, waves and mates. However for those of Indigenous background mass genocide and the beginning of the end for your culture is what is thought of on this day. To display this stark contrast I have selected two poems by Australian poets which offer different opinions on the same day and what effect it has on White and Indigenous Australians. My first poem, Australia Day by Mick…

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