John Howard And Sirleaf Leadership Analysis

There are various roles that people take on in groups. Different members have different degrees of power. This can affect groups in positive and negative ways. Power is best described as an individual’s ability to do something about change, referring to strength, control, domination and influence. Being a leader means having the ability to lead a group of people towards a goal by inspiring and being motivational.
The two leaders John Howard and Elle Johnson Sirleaf have a legitimate power which can be beneficial for achieving group goals and harmony within a group. This position is usually agreed or voted on by community members. They both play a part in referent power meaning individuals who are role models gain respect of other people who
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Its economic policies rebuilt Australian wealth. The Howard government's policies allowed Australia to oppose the crash of the Asian economic downturn, and restored useful full employment. The Howard Government's policy accomplishment was based on its hard commitment to Liberal values, and a reasonable approach to dealing with problems. Howard’s era focused on strong economic management with a obligation to surplus budgets and zero government debt, the increase of Australia’s national security, record low levels of unemployment achieved by a release of labour markets, a massive development in opportunities to obtain skills, and greatly enhanced job placement assistance for the unemployed, record federal government support into the education and health sectors, a major effort to defeat educational disadvantage, to increase school responsibility and strengthen the ability of parents to choose the best school, low interest rates, fast economic growth and lower taxation, Australian land, waters, vegetation and biodiversity, major improvements in protection of Australia's national heritage. He maintained one of the world's major programs to help refugees, while stopping illegal immigration and people smuggling. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf spent decades of fighting for freedom, justice and equality in Liberia, she has spent more than nine years upgrading post-conflict Liberia. She has invigorated …show more content…
Both leaders have a leadership style of democratic and transformational because they build trust and mutual respect, lessen conflict, members feel valued, they are inspirational to members and they encourage others achievements by being a role model. They are highly inspiring and motivational that focuses on an individual’s

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