Compare And Contrast The Three Leadership Styles

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There are three different leadership styles with many variations in-between. The difference in these three leadership styles is the level and location of control. At one extreme is the autocratic leader, which makes independent decisions on how to proceed. On the opposite end of the spectrum there are laissez faire leaders, which have a hands-off approach and allows the subordinates to make all the decisions. However, the democratic leader is the medium of the three, which allows more input of the decision making process for his or subordinates.
At one extreme there is the autocratic leadership, who can take the position of a dictatorship. This type of leader has the only and final say. Typically, an autocratic leader does not involve their subordinates in any situation which requires a decision to be made. An autocratic leader may resort to force, manipulation, or even threats to achieve their desired results.
Most subordinates would not have a lot of positive things to say about autocratic leaders. This leadership style can create a lot of stress and create a very unpleasant work environment for the subordinate. The communication of this leadership style is very direct, they usually instruct their subordinates of exactly what they want done. This type of leader response to
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Subordinates are allowed to partake in the decision; their opinion matter just as much as the individual in charge. To many individual this may sound like the perfect way to manage a group, however there are pros and cons in using this leadership style. Since the subordinates are able to voice their opinions and have a significate role in the decision making process, they are more dedicated and loyal to obtaining the desired outcome. The ability for subordinates to collaborate with leaders creates an environment with systematic solutions to problems. However, there are disadvantages to

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