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  • Retreat Reflection Paper

    old friends, I can encounter him acting through others. I have felt God’s presence when someone dropped an arrangement of lawn flowers on my doorstep. In a similar manner, when I get toppled over by dogs, in happy anticipation for a walk. The holy spirit is in those moments that make me smile. I see God’s love for me when I get a 3 paragraph text message from my father, reminding me to keep my head up when I have had a tough week. Pointing out to me, how it will subside and his belief in me to overcome the obstacles set forth before me. I see God’s love through the families I have met at my church back home, who see me as one of their grandchildren and pinch my cheeks. His love comes through those around us. He tells us in chapter 15 of John his commandment is to “Love each other as I have loved you”. please write this down…. Love each other as I have loved you (x3) There is no dependent clause on this statement. No asterisk for only those who are like us or believe in the same things. People are not only put into our lives to teach us how to love, but to also to be shown love. The Holy spirit, God’s passion for us, wants to come out from within. It desires to spread its light to others. It asks me to do the right thing when another is in need. It is the warm feeling I get, after holding the door for an extra 5 seconds, so another student can enter. The littlest thing, bringing the warmest fuzzy feeling inside. This retreat’s theme is rightfully titled what’s your…

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  • Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: The Beatles

    When someone says “the Beatles” you most likely picture the iconic band, the Beatles. That’s because in 1956, four friends made a band that stormed the whole world, climbing their way to the top. The fab four consisting of Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison. Their journey on being one of the biggest influences in rock ‘n’ roll history. From their major works, to their billions of records sold. Their life during the Beatles, and the achievements made after. This is a…

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  • Thom Yorke Research Paper

    front man of Radiohead, one of the most critically well-received bands of the past few decades. But Thom Yorke has had an interesting life - one that includes many other creative ventures aside from the band he became famous with. Find out more about the iconic singer in the first half of this list below. Number Fifteen: He Has Very Eclectic Taste in Music. This should not be surprising to anyone who is familiar with the range of his music. But his taste ranges from alternative rock to all…

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  • Beatles And Drugs And The Beatles

    shelves, and the band skyrockets to the top of the charts. However, fame, fortune, and stress soon engulf them as they orchestrate seventeen hit singles and sell an estimated 600 million records worldwide. This legendary band entered the world at a time when people needed an escape from the chaos, and they truly connected with their generation. They were an unprecedented phenomenon that exhibited a unique sound while maintaining simplicity. The Beatles are the most influential band in history…

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  • John Lennon And John Mccannon Analysis

    top 100 influential people article not only ranked the Beatles as the best-selling band of all time but stated the group had sold 600 million albums. Fifteen years after this report one can only imagine the amount of Beatles albums sold today. Together John Lennon and Paul McCartney co-wrote 180 out of the roughly 245 Beatles songs while the remaining songs were written with or by other band mates. The Lennon McCartney songwriting duo is as historical in the field of music as any. John Lennon,…

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  • Tainted Love Analysis

    "Tainted Love Or Tainted Music" Musician, songwriter, and record producer of the 50's and 60's Ed Cobb wrote the memorable song "Tainted Love" in 1964. Cobb's profession of musician and songwriter has been marked as a renowned songwriter of his time. Cobb played in the band the Four Preps and wrote for several famous musical artists like the Standells, Fleetwood Mac, and Pink Floyd, just to name a few. The talents of Cobb's work has boosted musicians fame with the enjoyment of his lyrics. His…

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  • Diversity And Tolerance: Half-Caste

    1.8 Connections Report - Theme: Diversity and Tolerance Connection: Multi-cultured are not able to connect with both the traditions and the values so they tend to disconnect with their own culture to feel more modernised amongst the society. Title of Text and Name of Author/ Singer/ Director Text Type Notes - How the text relates to my connection Evidence from Text - Quotations or close references to the text ‘Half-Caste’ by John Agard Poem Agard is half African and half Guyanese - as people…

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  • Narrative Essay On My American Dream

    My parents emigrated to this country thirty-four years ago from Mexico. My father had a grade school education and my mother had a middle school education. They had a deep desire to improve their lives, and having that American dream everybody talks about. The American dream they had in mind was giving their children what they couldn’t have, due to the lack of funds. Due to their limited English and lack of education the only available work was low paying manual labor. My mother worked in the…

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  • The Beatles And Rolling Stones Similarities

    The Beatles mostly sang about peace and love, experimenting with different concepts on the subject and various instruments. George Harrison introduced the sitar in some of their later albums. Originally, they started as a simple pop band and eventually grew and developed into a rock and roll band. Most of their fan base was composed of teenage girls, while the Rolling Stones attracted every one of every age. They would have to think of creative and clever ways to sneak lyrics about sex and drugs…

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  • John Lennon's Song Imagine

    music as at the same time irreducibly cultural and intimately related to its structural properties’”. In this essay I will attempt to outline in detail, John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ and how cultural and structural properties of the track contribute to the ideology of world peace and harmony as well as a hint of anti-religion. The essay will describe the background of John Lennon and the release of the song ‘Imagine’, as well as the reception of the song both before and after the Lennon…

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