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  • Analysis Of Guns Are An Effective Means Of Self Defense By John R Lott

    In the editorial article “Guns are an effective means of self-defense” by John R. Lott Jr, takes on a widely debated issue of gun control. In this article the author gave us a look into some of his beliefs through his research as he teaches criminal deterrence, law and economics at the University of Chicago. Lott claims that defense gun use occurs more frequently and is more effective than the media reports. He argues that a criminal is less likely to attack a potential victim when that victim may be armed. John Lott (1998) explains, according to his statistics that a victim resisting with a gun has less of a risk for serious injury, especially for women. While his beliefs and facts are somewhat credible, and his ideas may be good, his job at trying to persuade the audience was…

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  • The Importance Of Concealed Carry

    According to the website,, it states that, “Seven states allow carrying a concealed weapon on public college or university campuses, twenty-one states ban concealed weapons on campus, and twenty-two leave the decision up to the individual college or university,” (Concealed Guns…). Just by looking at the overall statistics it gives a better look at how many states actually allow for Concealed Carry. There is a video debate between John R. Lott, Jr., and Julie Gavran,…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Related Shootings

    In this country, a rising issue that is being openly debated more often is gun control. This topic is becoming important in this country because of the rapid increase of mass shootings located all around the country. I am against gun control because studies have shown, that stringent gun control laws cause more issues related to gun related crimes than before. In 1996, after the worst mass shooting in Australian history occurred, then prime minister, John Howard created the National Firearms…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Concealed Weapons Pros And Cons

    caused crime rates to deter and sublime. Gun Murders have gone down and are continuing to deter. There were 11,078 murders due to guns reported in the past year. Gun murder is at it’s lowest rate since 1981. Aggravated assaults due to weapons have dropped dramatically. They are down to 138,336 that were reported in the past year.The rate of assaults has not been this low since 2004.Now in Florida statistics have changed so much that you have a higher chance of being attacked by an alligator…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Concealed Weapons On Campus

    Despite the conceived notion that police will always be able to protect their citizens, that isn’t true. Once there is a shooter there are no specific guidelines that law enforcement must follow, instead each situation is different, the main goal is to save as many lives as possible but that does not mean everyone will get out safely 100% of the time. In “A Look at the Facts on Gun-Free Zones,” Lott points out seven different instances where those who were concealed-carry permit holders were…

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  • The Scream Analysis

    The art works, “The Haywain” by John Constable and “The Scream” by Edvard Munch, are two different types of painting that represent the two movements of art work which is Romanticism and Expressionism through their style of art paintings. The well known and well represented the style of art work of romanticism, which is “The haywain” painted in 1821, Constable was the English painter during 18th century. He was a mainly outdoor of landscapes painter that he painted the nature scenery as he saw…

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  • The Importance Of The Boys And Girls Club

    or large. At the Boys and Girls club I was thought varies ways to overcome my anxiety, things like: hosting events (MC) and even talking in front of small audience. As of right now I am very proud to say I no longer have stage fright. I am proud to say that I host (MC) all the events that is going on at the Florence Degeorge Boys and Girl Club. There was a boy name John, who was very timid to the point he was afraid of interacting with the other kids around him. I took the…

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  • Examples Of Foreshadowing In Of Mice And Men

    Foreshadowing plays a large part in the novel “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. He sets the scene at the beginning of the chapter with a specific amount of light and dark, and coming from either the natural light of the sun or some type of electric light source. This setting foreshadows the entire chapter in saying whether what happens will turn out positively or negatively. Not only that, but at many different points in the book, the characters foreshadow the end of the book through their…

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  • The Crucible-Act 2. Why Does John Gives Elizabeth A Kiss?

    your answers in the blank lines between the questions--the document will modify itself to allow for your answers. Also, please bold your answers. Act II, Scene i 1. The stage directions in lines 33-34 describe how John gives Elizabeth a kiss. Consider Miller’s word choice. What words in the description show a strained relationship between the two? She receives it. 2. On page 166, John suggests that Elizabeth bring some flowers into the house…

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  • Epiphanies In Greasy Lake

    Short Story Epiphanies There is a theme of epiphanies in “Greasy Lake” written by T. Coraghessan Boyle and “Cons” written by Jess Walter. The theme is very strong and prevalent in each story in their own way. In the story “Greasy Lake” there are epiphanies when the characters that they are not as bad as they would like to believe themselves be. The last short story “Cons” the main character has a very strong epiphany at the end. All the stories have strong epiphanies in all of them will be…

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