The Importance Of Concealed Carry

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Point blank, and the gun is fired. Aimed at the other person, whose hands shake with rage, or is it fear? Ambulances and hospital doctors go sporadic, only mere moments to save a person’s life. A school shooter takes the life of multiple students and then attempts his own. All of this could have been solved if someone was there to prevent the shooter. although in a moments heat there is not going to be officers, sometimes a vigilantly must help others. Someone that could save a life are those who have a Concealed Carry license. Concealed Carry, is a law that was recently passed in Texas back in August. The law states that anyone who has the appropriate papers and license can carry a gun on campus as long it is concealed and out of sight. …show more content…
When looking at the applicants who wish to have a Concealed Carry license the state goes through an extensive back ground checks. This is to insure that the state of Texas does not give a permit to a citizen that has a previous record that is considered dangerous. By having these regulations, it ensures that those who do have the Concealed Carry license are safe individuals that have gone through all the proper training. This means that the students or faculty that do have a Concealed Carry license have gone through all the requirements that The Texas DPS has set forth. Applying for the license is also a huge safety step to ensure that Texas is not giving guns to random lunatics and criminals. If a person was to continue reading on the Texas Department of Public Safety page they would see a tab that tells someone everything that he/she would have to do to apply. “Applicants for an original (first-time) LTC should submit an online application, and schedule an appointment for fingerprinting. Applicants must also complete four to six hours of classroom training, pass a written examination and pass a proficiency demonstration (shooting). All classroom and proficiency must be conducted in Texas by a LTC instructor certified by DPS” (TxDPS Par.3).
This proves that the applications for gaining a Concealed Carry license is a lot more tedious than what most people think, especially due to the all
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According to the website,, it states that, “Seven states allow carrying a concealed weapon on public college or university campuses, twenty-one states ban concealed weapons on campus, and twenty-two leave the decision up to the individual college or university,” (Concealed Guns…). Just by looking at the overall statistics it gives a better look at how many states actually allow for Concealed Carry. There is a video debate between John R. Lott, Jr., and Julie Gavran, where Lott states that between the years 1987 to 2012, 2.1 million Americans got a permit and between that time only 168 or 0.008% got their hand gun license revoked. This is an important statistic because it shows that in less than a thirty-year span, a small handful of people actually lost their privilege to have a conceal hand gun license

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