Persuasive Essay On Gun Related Shootings

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In this country, a rising issue that is being openly debated more often is gun control. This topic is becoming important in this country because of the rapid increase of mass shootings located all around the country. I am against gun control because studies have shown, that stringent gun control laws cause more issues related to gun related crimes than before. In 1996, after the worst mass shooting in Australian history occurred, then prime minister, John Howard created the National Firearms Agreement (Williams). The NFA banned assault weapons, and had over 650,000 guns confiscated from citizens, and were destroyed (Williams).
According to Samara McPhedran, a University of Sydney member, believes that since the gun confiscation, there has
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Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stated that a background check system could “try to keep guns out of the hands of the criminal and of the mentally unstable” (Hillary). Clinton also stated that “I have been against assault weapons” (Hillary). The Republican Party is primarily against enforcing stringent gun control laws (Gun). Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that “The gun-free zones are target practice for the sickos and for the mentally ill. They look for gun-free zones” (Donald). Trump has also stated that watch lists “Keep enemies of the state away from guns” (Donald). Trump has spoken on how gun violence is “inevitable”, and how stringent gun regulations “won't help” law-abiding American citizens (Donald). I disagree with gun control because studies have shown that gun control laws make gun related crimes increase, not decrease (Gun). Gun control laws wouldn’t prevent criminals from obtaining guns illegally, and gun control laws would prevent law-abiding citizens from not only protecting themselves, but participating in recreational gun activities, such as shootings sports, and hunting

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