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  • Radiant-Personal Narrative

    Radiant As I sit here writing this, I have not typed a word without grief filled tears flooding from my eyes. Heartbroken, depressed, companionless, in the early years of my adolescent life, I had no ally, no comrade, no one. I was alone. As I moved into my house in the beautiful, sunny, Southern California I knew my lonesomeness would be abolished, I could feel it in my humble bones. The grass, the brightest green, the air, crisp and the warm sun touching my skin, soothing. As a young child adventure taunted me, I explored every nook and cranny of my the neighborhood, finding secret places high up above in trees and low beneath the dark bushes. On warm cozy day in november, I fiercely knocked on the doors of the street looking for children…not an unripe soul. Sitting on my porch, I spotted an old pruned lady, I was always afraid of old women for reason I do not remember, however something about this one struck me as purely interesting. I did not know why, but she intrigued me. The next day I woke up to my heart beating out of my chest, my muscles pulling myself out of bed. Passion for companionship ran through my body, today I meet the woman. When I rang her bell, she opened the door with a soft smile and instantly I knew, she was magical. I will never forget those comforting words spoken to me, “why don’t you come on down tomorrow to play some games’’ Eagerly, I responded, “Yes ma’am, finally someone to play with”. Every day I pranced over in the early morning and…

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  • Influence Of Family In My Life

    Family is the most important influence in a child’s life. From the moment you are born you depend on your family for everything. Protection. Provision. Love. Your very first relationships are with your parents, your first loves are your parents. When I was around three years old, my dad left. At the time my little brain didn’t understand what I did to make him not want me anymore or why he didn’t love my mom anymore. What could a daughter do but love her father so much he wanted to abandon her.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Junior Year In College

    I think it’s weird how water looks almost black under frozen lakes. When it’s warm the water seems so friendly and inviting, but during the winter it’s almost ominous. “I just don’t feel the same way about you anymore, Aleksei” that’s definitely the worst thing anyone has ever said to me. It feels like it didn’t happen, but at the same time it feels like it’s the only thing that’s happened all week. Everything else is just jaded by those words. This was my first day of my junior year in college,…

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  • Being In The Library Essay

    Being in the library made me feel irate, hate, repugnance. Being in the library made me be reminded of him. There is only one way to get rid of him, erase his entire existence. His existence continued to be in the house and the only way to get purge of him is to burn that presence. A few weeks after Edward, Mr. Sawyer’s, death I went into his beloved library. His library was another extension to his oh so magnificent country of England. Looking around, everything still had his presence. Walking…

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  • An Essay On Open My Eyes

    Open my eyes, I don’t remember how many times I open my eyes, this time my soul seems get into the body of a black adult, who is around twenty six years old. This is beautiful Sunday, and I am walking to the café after work. While I walks through the corner, accidently knocks down a female. Follow my eyesight, I see a pretty girl, which really makes the heart is beating strongly. I immediately help her up. As the apology, I invite her to have dinner with me, and we have a nice dinner together,…

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  • Valuable Life Experience

    Trauma vs Valuable Life Experience I remember a time when I had to listen to my mom beg for my life and her own. It started one day in the early afternoon around 1 o’clock. My bedroom frigid and relaxing from the air conditioning, as I laid there listening to the movie, “Mac and Devin go to High school.” All while texting my friend Kayla about what time I was going to go over to her house that weekend. “This might be the start of a really great week, it’s going so well and I can’t wait to see…

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  • On The Should Of A Stranger: A Short Story

    On the Should of a Stranger The sound of my shovel breaking the ground is the only noise that reaches my ears. The warm tears running down my cheeks, the only thing I feel. I slow down my breathing to match the rhythm of the steady chink of my shovel as it enters the dirt, almost reaching a hypnotic state. Anything to keep my mind off what is happening. Chink. An image of me on my knees beside the road flashes before my eyes, and with it comes a searing pain. My shovel misses its mark and…

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  • Personal Narrative: Where Does My Identity Lie

    Where does my identity lie? My identity lies shaped within the continuous chorus and dazzling beats of music, where time seems to fly by and the listener is in a trace of beauty, elegance, rage, fun, happiness, etc. Everything I click and every thumbs up or down I make shapes me. As if I were a block of stone and the song are each a chisel and a hammer chipping away at me till they get their final product. From the time I was born music has been in my life but I have been blind to the way it has…

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