Valuable Life Experience

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Trauma vs Valuable Life Experience I remember a time when I had to listen to my mom beg for my life and her own. It started one day in the early afternoon around 1 o’clock. My bedroom frigid and relaxing from the air conditioning, as I laid there listening to the movie, “Mac and Devin go to High school.” All while texting my friend Kayla about what time I was going to go over to her house that weekend. “This might be the start of a really great week, it’s going so well and I can’t wait to see Kayla after all this time!” I thought to myself with a grin on my face. However, at that time I did not know that my untroubled outlook would be changed so abruptly. BOOM! As I heard the loud noise from the impact. I got up from my bed indubitably calm and started walking to my mom’s room thinking the dresser tipped over again. Nevertheless, when I heard a muffled noise I wasn’t familiar with I quickly pulled back the curtain that was in place of my mother’s door. Only to my dismay, I caught a glimpse of her boyfriend standing over her body with a gun …show more content…
There are several people who have listened to this story and immediately said that they were sorry for me and from my perspective it seemed like an empty phrase. The reason I refer to it as an empty phrase is because I have never acknowledged it as being truly meaningful. Incorporated into my daily lifestyle are three major aspects of myself that I take pride in. In retrospect, if this had not happened to me these aspects would not carry as much significance. These facets include the belief that you should keep your emotions as stable as possible, not for yourself but the people that surround your life. Secondly, you should always treat your family with the love and respect they deserve because anything can happen. The final belief I acquired from this event is to never put your hands on a woman with the intent to hurt

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