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For my compare and contrast essay I found two different articles online. That are the valuable life skills learned in high school and college. I chose these topic because it is very important the different skills we learned throughout high school and college. High school and college both prepare us for our future lives. The different skills you learn in high school and college is some of the most important life lesson you need to have. In this essay I will discuss the similarities and differences versus the effectiveness. Analyzing the evidence that each topic in these articles are using to support their arguments and claim. I will also tell you my personal view of which article out of the two is better than the other one.

In the two articles
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Such as different goals that the authors try to achieve. The authors goals differ from one another because the two different articles have different settings. In the valuable life skills learned in college add more skills learned then in High School. The different skills learned in college were budgeting, motivation, Independence, multitasking, prioritizing, working with others, and resourcefulness. Elizabeth Hoyt the author stated, “While everything you learn in college is important, there are some teachings that may come in handy more so in life than, say, how to balance the most complicated chemistry equations. Such lessons are actually not taught in courses, they’re learned throughout the experiences in college courses, social life and other daily activities.” The goal achieved by the author Elizabeth Hoyt was that she wanted the readers to know how many different lessons one can learn in college. The goal that the author Nicolas Sollitto achieved in three life skills learned in high school was different than the college article. Nicolas Sollitto stated, “College students all across the world will probably tell you high school doesn’t properly prepare any student for college. However, even though high school might lack a suitable curriculum, which would prepare a future college student for the rigors of university studies, high school does teach students some valuable skills that can be used in college and beyond.” The skills that Nicolas learned in high school that he thought was valuable was social skills, time management and test taking. Although he didn’t have many skills learned there was a similarity. Time managing and prioritizing fall under the same category. You need to know when to be somewhere and it’s on you to turn your assignments in on

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