Love, Love And Love: A Child Of Divorce

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Parents stand behind their children offering guidance and protection, until divorce sets in, now welcome to the animal jungle. A child of divorce feels like they have been stranded all alone, left to the wild to figure life out. What would you do if you woke up one morning and everything you once knew was gone? Like a nightmare that won’t go away, you seek those you love the most, to find out they are no longer there. There are many unexpected truths that are capable of destroying your life as you now know it, if revealed. Everyone desires to be loved by someone. That sense of security and having companionship is why most of us get married. To feel like you belong to something. To start a family. The influence of how you were raised as a child, imprints the ideals of how you want your own family to turn out. My parents’ divorce completely changed my perception of life, love, …show more content…
My confidence plummeted as I realized what I knew, had been wrong. I guess my parents weren’t that happy? I guess they weren’t best friends? I guess “till death do us part” was a lie? Or did something just happen in their minds, like a switch, to making them not want to be with each other anymore? Disturbed, I felt fooled. To make matters worse, the only two people I had always consoled with (together) for comfort and emotional support, now were divided and not on the same team anymore. With the divorce, I lost that conventional sense of “family”. It now became more about each individual rather than us as a whole. There was no longer that connection as a family unit anymore. Each member dealt with their struggles, in their own ways. Left with no direction, overwhelming fears trickled into my lost body. I wasn’t sure what my next step was and I no longer had them behind me to fall back on in figuring that out. Shell-shocked, I still couldn’t believe

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