Personal Narrative: Shylynn In A Basketball Team

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Time passes faster than I ever realized. People change, life continues, and our minds keep going. Throughout that time our memory lets us remember the good and the bad that has taken place.
In a newly built squeaky clean auditorium, I played for a spring league volleyball league as well my best friend ShyLynn in seventh grade. I had one tournament left to play and it was in the gym my school was very proud of. After the winning spike smacked the court floor and our fans roared I celebrated with my teammates but quickly felt dissatisfied that ShyLynn didn’t get to share the glory our team got after we had won. Instead, she had to stay at home, sick with the stomach flu. At least, that is what we all had thought.
My parents as well as ShyLynn’s Aunt, Melinda found me on the floor and congratulated me with forced smiles and hurt in their voices. Immediately I ask what was wrong, and I have then guided to the lobby away from the crowd. I was then asked multiple questions that took me by surprise, “Did
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My mind was blank and could not think. I awoke in the morning wondering when I had actually slipped into a night’s rest. The exhaustions I had finally caught up to me. Reality had flooded back into my memory and didn’t let me forget the horror. I recall walking down my steps into my kitchen in my pajamas and my mother looking at me with the same exhaustion and sadness I wore on my face. She shook her head and told me to go get ready for school. Anger had flooded my veins as I stomped back up the stairs sobbing as I fell into my sister’s arms. Minutes later I was ready to head out the door, trying to hold it together without having another breakdown before 8 AM. Before I had left, my mother hugged me and had whispered words to me that I still remember like it was yesterday, “I know you probably hate me for making you go to school, but I promise you, you will thank me one day.” She had been

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