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  • Personal Narrative-Death Doesn T Ask For Permission

    day, I have been constantly reminding myself that life is short and when death knocks on your door, you can’t really call 911 or do anything. Now my thoughts towards death and what happens after I die became more distressing and uncontrollable. I’ve come to…

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  • Blanche Monologue Analysis

    Blanche, My dear Blanche, I realise that you are not aware of this but when I look into your eyes my entire world fills with light. It is none other than you who becomes this light that effortlessly pulls me away from the darkness within my soul: my insecurity. Your glistening locks of hair along with your elegance and sheer grace are overwhelming, yet the love and adoration that I have for you does not falter. Your large, glowing eyes like lanterns to light my way when I become lost, are full…

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  • Raven Diamond Cloud: A Short Story

    the morning sunrise. I threw on some dark green riding clothes (because that’s my favorite color) and ran out the door. I walked the familiar path and I was almost at the stable when I heard footsteps making their way toward me. Without turning around I yelled, “Adrian I know you 're behind me!” The footsteps stopped, I heard a swish and before I could blink, Adrian was upside down hanging from the stable roof. He said “Hello Raven. Up for some horseback riding today?” I smiled, I never…

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  • Frankenstein Character Analysis

    character and health. He describes this in the opening pages through his letters to Elizabeth by saying “I must say also a few words to you, my dear cousin, of little darling William. I wish you could see him, he is very tall of his age, with sweet laughing blue eyes, dark eyelashes, and curling hair. When he smiles, two little dimples appear on each cheek, which are rosy with health”. This could therefore mean he wants William dead? He is jealous of Williams’s popularity. This is why he creates…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Puttingneg City Library

    After the storm was over—a full seven days and six nights of being homebound—a group of my friends and I got together outside of the Puttingneg city library after the martial law was lifted and streets cleared. The library sat on three acres of land. It had a garden and beautiful pond with gold fish. The castle shape library had four towers and many windows. The building was made of marble bricks. As you enter the front entrance, the oval double doors was made of solid bronze. James, Cindy,…

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  • Chapter 1. Elena's 'The Princess Of Audacity'

    of Audacity My eyes flutter open and I immediately shut them again wishing myself back into a dream. Even though I can’t remember what I was dreaming about exactly, I know that any dream good or bad would be better than my real life. I can hear the soft whisper of voices behind my door and know that if I don’t get up now on my own, I’ll be woken up in a matter of minutes. I slowly sit up and let out a sigh. The stale air circulating through my room has a cold bite to it and the windows are…

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  • The New World: A Short Story

    I could picture the Earth in my head. The blues of water, greens of vegetation, and whites of clouds, all the essentials of life swirling together as if left by brush strokes. I had been seeing it since my first earth science class in elementary school, glaring out at me from textbooks as if demanding an answer. How could you do this? The question reverberated in my head, the dull ache of cognitive dissonance setting in as I peered out the window. I didn’t have an answer. None of us did. That’s…

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  • Narrative Essay On Mathilde Dia

    A swarm of bees took flight in my stomach. Although the roar of the crowd was audible from backstage, I moved around attempting to hear the fulfilling clank of the beads that attached to my cornrow braids. I felt skeptical about everything around me as this was more than ever I dreamed of in the twenty-five years of my life. I mustered the courage to peer behind the curtains only to find multitudinous copies of my book being held by people whom I’d never met before. The same words of “The fear…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Background And How I Grow Up

    Let me start by telling you my background and how I grew up. I was raised by a strong, independent women; I call Mom or as everyone else would call her, Donna. I grew up in a very big and loving family. I have one older sister Briana; growing up we didn 't get along because of our huge age gap; we are 10 years apart. When I was little I never considered myself as a fatherless little girl, I had my Grandfather and a family friend, Marc, who I considered my father figures; and I am so beyond…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Just Don T Love You Again

    "I just don 't love you anymore." He wouldn 't look into my eyes, I 'm not sure he has the whole time I 've been here. "What do you mean? You can 't just stop loving me!" I let out a nervous laugh, my hands were starting to shake and I could feel the tears in my eyes. "You can 't just throw three years away!" I screamed, anger taking over me. "Clara, things change! I 'm sorry but I just can 't anymore!" He yelled back at me, finally looking up at me as tears swam in my eyes and ran down my…

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