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  • Cadburys Advert Analysis

    The commercial is commissioned by Cadbury selling their Dairy Milk chocolate that goes for a length of 60 seconds. The commercial features a gorilla that appears to have a delightful and happy expression during the advert playing a famous drum solo “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. The commercial is shot in a recording studio with a purple background which reinforces the brand Cadbury throughout the advert. The selling tactic that is used is humorous because a gorilla playing a drum kit does not happen in reality. It is effective to the chocolate bar because it 's makes the commercial more memorable and people pay more attention to humorous adverts rather than serious ones. The target audience for Cadburys advert does not appeal to a…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Issue Of Hunger In America

    waste and this is one of the main problems that America faces. If this problem continues, eventually, “in forty years when you order a pizza from Domino’s, they’ll just deliver it straight to the nearest dumpster” (“Last Week Tonight”). There is tons of food that are wasted despite the fact that there are Americans suffering from hunger. Hunger is an issue where it affects the family and education. It has many negative health effects and could endanger the next generation. Of the 34 million…

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  • Summary Of The Opening Chapter Of Ender's Game By Orson Scott Card

    Quiet was a luxury in the Edwards’ family home. The air was normally filled with the raucous vulgarity of Lyle’s bi-weekly poker games or the non-stop chorus of “amen” from Sadie’s Bible study. Except this particular cool Sunday evening. James had the house to himself and he was spending it the only way any introverted teenage boy would, reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. He was still in early in the novel but was engrossed in it. James had just reached the scene where Ender was…

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  • The Sniper Descriptive Essay

    life. His grandfather described causing someone’s death felt like a ghost walking through you, thens bus called reality would hit you. Killing someone does not leave leave a warm feeling. The darkness coated the sniper. The black of the night covered the snipers pale, thin face from the enemies he knew would be lurking in the shadows.The sniper didn’t know if anyone hid in the black of night like him, but he had to stay vigil. He had been worn out because of all the training he had to go…

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  • Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

    Pay It Forward I arrive in Oslo, Norway on October 9, 2021, a day before the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony. As I stand on the hotel’s balcony, the sun is shining bright, and as I breathe in the fresh air, I take in the glorious view that is filled with exquisite buildings. The warm air blowing against my skin awakes my soul causing me to reminisce on how I made it to the point to be chosen to receive the Nobel Peace Prize Award. Eleven months ago, I attended one of Dr. Rice’s conferences,…

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  • Macbeth Scene Analysis

    1. Re-write a scene: Act I Scene V Lady Macbeth enters alone with a letter. LADY MACBETH: (reading) “Good news! One, the revolt is under control and we won the battle. And two, you’ll never guess. I saw three witches who could predict the future, yeah it sounds weird but it’s true. They disappeared in thin air and I stood rapt in wonder. Angus and Ross brought me out of my stupor and brought the good news that the King had named me Thane of Cawdor like the predictions of the weird sisters,…

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  • Analysis Of Platero And I In Latin America

    Waldeen States, “invokes the figure of Lincoln as a freedom-loving hero of the Americas.” ” “Let the Rail Splitter awake. Let Abe come with his axe and his wooden plate to eat with the farmers (Cohen). “ Neruda is inserting himself as Abe in the poem. He is running away. Pablo Neruda is calling himself the Abraham Lincoln of Chile. He is going through the countryside’s like Abraham. Abraham was trying to help abolish slavery while Pablo Neruda is trying to show how controlling the Chilean…

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  • Creative Writing: The Horrible Trip To Olive Garden

    Julieta Kingston, I need you to sign right here for me” said the delivery guy in a lime green shirt with a lime green baseball hat. “Thank you” I said as I signed off on the clipboard. Closing the door, I inhaled and exhaled the fresh and sweet aroma of the 36 perfect red roses. I noticed an envelope with a birthday card in the middle of the bouquet. The card said “Happy Birthday Julieta my love, I want you to make this day special as possible for you, so I will take you out to dinner to Olive…

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  • Being Accused In 'The Framing Game'

    Being Accused "A lot of people have accused Elvis of stealing the black man's Music, when in fact, almost every black solo entertainer copied his stage mannerisms from Elvis¨- Jackie Wilson. When one gets accused of something they get frustrated which is what happens to Tommy. In Paul Bishops short story, “The framing game,” the protagonist, Tommy, struggles with being pressured into stealing shoes, and getting framed for it. Tommy gets to school, one day, Tommy gets pulled into the principal's…

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  • Macbeth Duncan's Death Analysis

    The air is electric in Scotland tonight; as Scotland has a new King, to my delight, it is Prince Malcom. Without a doubt, we all agree he is the man for the job, especially now King Macbeth is dead; coincidently days after his wife’s suicide. As you know, Macbeth took over from King Duncan after he was brutally murdered in his sleep, whilst he was a guest of the Macbeths. Two of the Macbeth’s members of staff were convicted for his stabbing and sentenced to life imprisonment. Immediately…

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