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  • An Analysis Of Facing It By Yusef Kounyakaa

    Komunyakaa states, “My black face fades, / hiding inside the black granite.” (line 1-2), stating his origin. However, this is more than an expression of race. In these lines, Komunyakaa suggests he is imprisoned in history he helped create. His involvement with the war carries haunting memories that will continue to resurface through life and never let him go. Furthermore, there is a duel between what could have been and what is. Komunyakaa states, “I’m stone. I’m flesh.” (line 5). The contrast between stone and flesh is very distinctive. As evidenced by the poem, the stone is hard and cold without feeling. However, the flesh is soft and sensitive as it embodies the turmoil he is experiencing. Controlling such emotion proves difficult as Komunyakaa writes, “I said I wouldn’t / dammit: No tears.” (line 3-4). The memorial leaves a permanent mark on him which confirms, human character is not fixed and is bound to change under circumstance. In other words, facing an emotional conviction can cause even the most resilient person to…

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  • Next Stop Squalor John Lanchester Analysis

    round the world. Some people take the basic tour of sitting in a bus and driving around the town, while others would rather put themselves in the actual environment. However tourism is carried out, you must take into consideration the boundaries that are in each new location. One of the biggest boundary crossing there is in tourism is poorism. Some believe that poorism is okay, because it isn 't something we see everyday and It is very educational. Or, some say that it is completely…

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  • Creativity Research Paper

    natural gift of humanity. You can't create or control creativity, even with our advanced technology today that is able to tweak with the very core of our genetic makeup, DNA. Creativity is not woven into the strands of our flesh, or physical body. It is in our mind, born from our souls. It can only be cultivated and nurtured, not made. Communication is a natural asset as well. Babies communicate happiness with gurgles and discomfort with crying. Even without words, psychologists can read a…

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  • Nature In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    Afetr all the drama of the creature coming to life and how awful it look and Victor fledding the scene then feeling guilty to what he had achived, Victor neede recovery because all the action exerted weakend him. Clerval decided to lift his friend spirit and take him on a tour, where he could be one with nature and restore his human uplifted spirits. Victor describes his feeling on the tour saying "When happy inanimate nature had the power of bestowing on me the most delightful sensations. A…

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  • Charles Labrie Case Study

    acclaimed doctors and psychologists in the field. Of his own accord he funded the entire operation. The Sanctuary was considered to be on the cutting edge of neurological treatment. Many surgeons and students of neurology flocked to visit The Sanctuary traveling as far as Asia. For 25 years the institution was praised and heralded as the premiere facility for humane and progressive treatment. As experimental surgeries and medicine continued to progress throughout the world Charles had…

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  • Katherine Dunham: African American Culture

    early age from her brother, Albert Dunham, who produced plays about African American life. She met dancers from the New Negro Movement who viewed dance as a way to create social change. Dunham was introduced to ballet and shortly after initiated the first Negro Dance Company with Ludmila Speranzeva. With her dance company performing in theaters all over the world, Anne-Marie Berger explained, “Dunham broke down dance barriers by blending her own unique movements with other genres like ballet but…

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  • The Theme Of Decay In 'Lord Of The Flies'

    of a democracy and more of a dictatorship. And the final decaying nail in the decaying coffin of Decay we’re talking about the King of the Flies, oh sorry Lord, Lord of the Flies! As a lone pigs head on a spit sticking from the ground you might assume there may be a bit of decay happening there, but it’s not what you think. Though the story the decay of the pig’s head shows much more than just a simple rot of flesh more so the decay of virtue and innocence. The Lord of the flies lies down within…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Year Of Warped Tour

    Warped tour is a giant all day concert that starts at 11:00 a.m. and doesn 't until around 8:00 p.m. It has at least 20 bands with 6 different stages. Someone is always singing. It 's mostly screamo, some rock and the occasional pop mix. I had decided to go with my main friends for this special occasion. There was four of us. Destinee was the quiet one, Haley was the one with a complicated and scary home life, Miranda was the loud and funny one and I was the outspoken and charming one. Dad…

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  • My Three Favorite Poems: Copperhead Road, And The Moonshine

    The narrator enlists in the Army on his birthday, believing he will soon be drafted "They draft the white trash first 'round here anyway", and serves two tours of duty in Vietnam. Once he returns home, he decides to use the Copperhead Road land to grow marijuana, rather than produce moonshine when the narrator said, "I take the seed from Colombia and Mexico." Having learned a few tricks from the Viet Cong "I learned a thing or two from Charlie" while fighting overseas, he resolves not to be…

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  • Analysis Of Mitchell Zuckoff's Lost In Shangri-La

    Mitchell Zuckoff’s Lost in Shangri-La is a thrilling novel about the untold story of a World War II “mission” gone wrong. Zuckoff dives deep into the lives of young soldiers after their plane crashes in an uncharted village of New Guinea. With danger, discovery, and determination, Zuckoff reels readers in as he captures this dauntless tale almost flawlessly. Lost in Shangri-La recounts the true story of 24 World War II Army men and women who take an aerial tour of the New Guinean valley called…

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